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Skinny Jeans – Small Group Training Success

Yep, we said it, skinny jeans and muffin top in the same sentence.

C’mon, we know that you know exactly what a muffin top is so why not do something fun and effective and burn that extra fat before summer is over. That is exactly what the following clients did in May of this year. They took part in our first “beta test” small group indoor training protocol.

It was an 8-week training and customized nutrition program that yielded SUPER results for EVERYONE who participated. And yep, every Challenger that could not fit into their 2-sizes too small jeans at the beginning of 8 weeks, DID fit into them at the end of 8 weeks.

The Challengers lost over 89 inches total, mostly from the hips, thighs, butt and mid section while at the same time they got stronger and tightened and lifted the rest of their body! Let’s look at their results.

Leah G. Stats and Pictures

Before Skinny Jeans


After Skinny Jeans


19-Apr 14-Jun
Circumference Leah G. Leah G. Change
Shoulder 19 19.5 -.05
Right Arm 12 10.5 1.5
Left Arm 11.75 10.5 1.25
Chest 37.5 34 3.5
Waist 29 25.25 3.75
Hips 39.5 38.75 .75
Right Leg 22 21 1
Left Leg 22.5 21 1.5
Inches Change 12.75

Judi A. Pictures

Before Skinny Jeans


After Skinny Jeans


Kristin and Mike

We are currently finishing up our second 8-week Challenge, THAT is how successful it has been! Twenty Challengers in May/June and thirty Challengers in July/August.

Want to have your own success?

Join us for our LAST 8-Week Challenge of 2010. The next session will run from September 13th through November 6th; perfect time to head into the holidays and have a chance to win over $4000 dollars in sponsor raffle gifts and prizes. New eating habits once and for all and a new tight and toned body. Oh yeah and new designer jeans.

Police Officers, fire fighters, military personnel, business professionals, moms, doctors, lawyers and everyone in between are taking part in this successful training program.

Once the Challenge is over, it is over! BUT Small Group Training will become part of our indoor membership service come November 2010.


Skinny Jeans Update and NEW Challenge

20 challengers…8 weeks…32 sessions…to get into their Skinny Jeans.

Mission Impossible? No way!

At the end of week #6, ALL Challengers who tried on their “two sizes too small” Skinny Jeans, FIT INTO THEM! Check out a session in progress. What a super success we had for our FIRST Skinny Jeans & Muffin Top Melt Off Challenge.

This Challenge is a professional fat loss exercise program led by trained coaches and included metabolic and total body protocols – high-intensity cardio bursts and strength and resistance training.  This is NOT Boot Camp! All sessions are held at our new, almost state-of-the-art fitness facility. This eight-week program, which ran from April 19 to -June 12, consisted of four workout sessions per week (for a total of 32, 45-minute sessions). Sessions were offered on a variety of days and times so all Challengers had a few choices to constantly pick from to suit their schedules.

The Challenge Recap:

  • It all began at the MABC new indoor facility, 4170 N. Port Washington Rd, Suite 2, in Glendale.
  • Contenders brought in a pair of jeans (from their closet or newly purchased) that they would like to fit into; jeans had to be at least two sizes too small.
  • A photo was taken with participants trying to pull on their jeans (over a pair of spandex shorts or pants).
  • Jeans were kept at Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp indoor facility for ongoing “try-ons” every two weeks.
  • Participants were given a free fitness assessment and circumference measurement at the time of the initial “try-on” photo shoot.
  • Challengers whose jeans fit at the end of the Challenge (June 12th) will be entered into a drawing for a free pair of designer jeans donated by our partner, Stephanie Horne Boutique.

“Imagine losing two jean sizes in eight weeks!” Our Challengers did it! What better way to kick off summer than by shedding those pounds you’ve been wanting to lose?  They followed this training and nutrition and program and found success.”

What about you? C’mon, give yourself 8-weeks and be in the those Skinny Jeans or just lose that Gut before Labor Day! This is NOT a gimmick. It is the most recent, effective total body and metabolic training protocol performed in a small group format.

Intrigued? Want to know more about the NEW Skinny Jeans & Gut to Cut Challenge running July 5th – August 28th? Check it out online and keep your eyes open for our e-blast e-flier. Registration for the next session opens on Wednesday June 16. This is co-ed and all are welcome, but the challenge will take only 40 participants to keep the “small group” element in tact.  So sign up without delay. For more information about the NEW Skinny Jeans & Gut to Cut Challenge, visit www.milwaukeebootcamp.com or call 414-881-5FIT (5348).

Skinny Jeans Challenge Update

The Skinny Milwaukee Boot CampJeans and Muffin Top Melt Off Challenge is underway and going great, check out these photos and see for yourself!

As much as we love being outdoors for boot camp in the Spring, we are proud to offer this unique 8-week challenge for those wanting an extra goal before summer gets here, are sick and tired of being involved in an exercise program that is NOT working or is boring, or are wanting to enjoy the MABC indoor facility workout!

Each week the challengers attend four metabolically stimulating sessions that alternate between full body cardio/plyometric work and full body strength resistance work.  Make no mistake though, this is NOT boot camp but a professionally designed and customized program to illicit a specific response from the body and works synergistically with a pre designed and planned out nutritional meal plan for MAXIMUM results.

Oh yeah, and it is fun, tough and effective, but fun! At the end of week #2, one challenger was already down 8 pounds (some fluid and some fat). How’s that for progress?

Want in on the fun boot campers; come join us for an additional workout on M-W-F at 10 am, M-Thur at 6 pm or Saturdays at 8:30 and 10:00 am for just $15.

~ Coach Catherine and the Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp Team


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