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What are you really AFRAID of?

Are you afraid of failing when it comes to creating success in your life? Or, are you one of those people whose biggest obstacle to goal attainment is a possibly unrealized fear of SUCCESS? Do you think it’s possible that fear could be the primary factor in determining whether or not you succeed in any given endeavor?

I propose to you that it is not only a possibility, but a probability. It may seem like there are more “traditional” road blocks in your way, but that is very often merely an appearance, and not the actual reason why people fail to attain their dreams; whatever those dreams happen to be!

One of the reasons why fear is not seen as the culprit is because we tend to think of fear in terms of being afraid to fail at something. However, fear of SUCCESS is often just as much of a factor, if not more so.

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COMING SOON! Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp Indoor Boot Camp Facility & Corporate Office

Yes, you are reading that correctly! The first ever indoor boot camp facility to grace the eastern part of Milwaukee is coming. The planned open date is scheduled for Monday October 5th, just in time for the autumn 2009 boot camps.

The Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp office as well as an 8,000 square foot fully functional indoor facility is located at 4180 North Port Washington Road (doors face Olive street) in Glendale. The 2nd floor facility will offer two morning camps (5:30 and 8:45) an evening camp (6:00 co-ed), Yoga, Pilates, a boutique –style personal training area as well as locker rooms.

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