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If you responded correctly to the above questions, we have a job for you as a full or part time fitness professional. NO experience necessary. Will train. Please call us at 414-881-5348 or email us at a.listfitness.mabc@gmail.com.

Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp Grows!

Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp has recently gone through a fantastic reorganization and has some GREAT news and some sad news to share with you.

Change SignA-List Fitness, Inc, the corporation that runs Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp is changing its name.  The corporation, as well as the indoor corporate office and training facility, will soon be called Achieve Personal Fitness, Inc. Our goal was to brand a more specific title for what we actually do as a company.  Achieve seemed perfect for that! Look for Achieve Personal Fitness news to come.

Due to customer feedback, we will soon be expanding our fitness offerings to include permanent indoor: small group and semi private solutions. Owner and Head Coach Catherine has been mentoring with two companies in CA who are leading the industry with innovative and research based training protocols that yield super results. This has been in the works for over six months and we are VERY excited about being able to offer the community and our clients more variety in fitness and nutrition in addition to our current successful boot camps.

We will also be expanding our employment offerings and structure. Currently, we use independent contractors as coaches but will soon be moving to a more cohesive, employee-based system. This will give us a super opportunity to use our company ‘Core Values’ as the foundation of all our team member, client and vendor relationships. So keep your eyes open for administrative and coaching positions. WE LOVE to hire from our customers first!

Our coaches are great! And during the reorganization, they all had the opportunity to explore other fitness business opportunities that they may have been contemplating. Our goal is always help each other grow; here is the break down…

…Coach Sandi recently made the decision to expand her own company, T3 Fitness and will no longer be coaching boot camps in Brookfield.  We are sad to see her go but truly wish her the best of luck as she pursues her Pilates, personal training and triathlon training prep offerings.  Coach Mike, who has been an assistant coach at Bradford Beach for the past two years and the 2010 GE Corporate Camp Brookfield coach, is excited about coaching the August & September boot camp sessions at Wirth Park while we train the next, super Brookfield boot camp coach.

…Coach Amy also made the decision to expand her company, Fitness for EveryBODY, and will no longer be coaching boot camps in Bay View after the August session. We are so sad to see Amy go but she is excited about this cool, new venture as she pursues her Yoga, small group training and Corporate Fitness offerings.  Amy will be continuing to teach small group sessions at the MABC indoor facility through November. Coach Joanna, who lives in Bay View and has been instructing the Klode Park evening camp and assisting coach Catherine at Bradford Beach for the past year, is psyched about coaching the September (and possibly the remainder of 2010) boot camp session(s) at South Shore Park.

…Coach Catherine is staying put at Bradford Beach and the indoor 5:30 am boot camp sessions; as well as many of the small group training sessions. That’s right ladies, you can’t get rid of her that easy!

…Office Manager, Jennifer Banholzer, has been a super support system working behind the scenes and keeping all our boot camp and small group clients taken care of and their questions answered. We are excited to move our administrative team into our indoor MABC facility and corporate office. Unfortunately Jen is unable to move from working out of her home office and into an in house position. She will be working with us through August as we transition into a growing administrative team.

Now we know change is tough, but change is a good thing! Look how much your bodies have changed for the better since you started boot camp. Not to mention your change in outlook, motivation and perspective of what you are capable of. Our goal at Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp is to exceed your expectations and give you the “best hour of your day.” So with our new name, new offerings and new coaches, we are thrilled to offer you a fantastic workout, fitness experience, and an increased quality of life!

Thanks for letting us continue with you on your health and wellness journey!


Coach Catherine

Achieve Personal Fitness, Inc. – Core Values

1)                  BRING YOUR BEST EVERYDAY

2)                  HAVE FUN, LAUGH OFTEN








10)               BE A TEAM PLAYER; “WE” NOT “ME”



6 Healthy Foods that Are Easy on Your Wallet

These days it seems as if we’re all trying to stretch our dollars, either by necessity or because we’re becoming savvier about saving more and spending less. If you’ve been looking for ways to stretch your grocery budget without resorting to filling up on cheap, empty calories, read on.

It’s a myth that the healthiest foods are the most expensive. I mean really, how many time have your heard, “healthy food is too expensive?”

With a list and a plan, it IS possible, and surprisingly simple, to eat healthily without blowing your budget or sacrificing those hard-earned boot camp results. If you want to keep your wallet fat and your waistline trim, try to put more of these food items in your shopping cart the next time you’re at the grocery store.

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Power Yoga Added to Calendar

A Power Yoga Advanced Camp has been added to the calendar.

Power Yoga
Coach Amy Friese
Friday, August 6, 6:30-7:30AM at Bradford Beach

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Clean Your Way Lean and Toned

Taking a month off of boot camp or are you going on vacation, no problem; we have sneaky ways to work exercise into your everyday routine. Try these three body sculpting exercises you can do while completing household chores.

WAX ON WAX OFF:  targets chest, triceps, butt & legs

Stand facing counter with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, feet turned out 45 degrees, cleaning cloth in right hand. Lower into plie squat & press cloth on counter with right palm. Maintaining squat, trace 10 small circles with right palm, then switch hands & repeat. Spritz cleaner as you go.

RAG DRAG:  targets butt & legs

Stand on kitchen floor with each foot on a damp rag and feet shoulder width apart. Lower into squat, back straight & abs tight. Slide right foot out 6 inches & back 7 times. Maintaining squat, repeat with left leg & continue moving around floor until floor is clean.

BATHTUB DIP:  targets triceps

Before baby’s bath time, sit on edge of tub until it fills. Place palms flat on tubs edge on either side of hips, fingers pointing forward, step feet a few inches forward, scoot hips off edge. Bend elbows directly behind you 90 degrees to lower hips towards floor, then straighten them to raise hips again. Do 2 to 3 steps of 10 reps.

5 Ways to Beat the Work Time Snack Attack

I recall an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm a few years back  (yes I was hooked) where Larry David was arguing with someone over the proper time to eat dinner. He was adamant that dinner is traditionally eaten between the hours of 5 PM and 8 PM. Not before. Not after. Since the majority of Americans don’t have the luxury of living off Seinfeld residuals, we have to go to work, and sometimes that means we can’t eat at “normal” hours, or in any sort of regular intervals. A constantly rotating work schedule, constant meetings, or very long shifts present a challenge to eating right, but can certainly be overcome with proper planning and a positive outlook.

Your body is a creature of habit. It gets used to routines, and the chemical processes that go on inside of it are on a set schedule. Consequently, if you do something to throw those off, like drastically altering your eating habits, it tends to react poorly. The best way to fix this is to outsmart your body, and get it on a schedule that works for the both of you. And as many of you know, at all of our Nutrition Seminars we preach the value of food planning and preparation. Hey anything to make your life a little easier.

Here are some tips on how help our bodies work optimally:

If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re busted no matter what. Therefore, the first order of business is to adjust your sleep schedule. Cutting out crucial hours of sleep will affect the results you see from not only your diet, but your workout as well. Not getting enough sleep is detrimental to your health and metabolism, even if you eat during “optimal” periods. The point here is that if working late causes you to lose sleep, you will be doing damage to your body no matter how well you eat, and all the subsequent tips mentioned below will be for naught.

Late-night eating. We’ve always heard that eating right before bed is bad because the body doesn’t get a chance to burn those calories off, and instead converts the food into fat. At the same time, depriving your body of nutrients isn’t healthy either, so what’s the answer? In a recent study at Northwestern University, scientists discovered that a group of mice who were only allowed to eat a high-fat diet during an non-optimal eating period (nighttime) gained over twice as much weight as mice only allowed to eat during an optimal eating period (daytime). In other words, mice that ate before bed got fat. While researchers are as yet unable to pinpoint a single reason for this discrepancy, “the interplay between body temperature, metabolic hormones such as leptin, and the sleep-wake cycle” were determined to be the biggest contributing factors. So if you can avoid eating before bed, do. But if you’re hard pressed, keep it small and try to space it as far away from sleep as possible.

Eat moderately throughout the day. This is the best solution to avoid getting those deep hunger pangs at night when you get home, and to set your body’s metabolism on an effective rhythm. This is especially true for people whose jobs force them to be immobile, and prevent them from getting enough natural exercise throughout the day to allow them to burn off a few of the calories from a heavy lunch. If you’re working a double shift and find yourself awake for 20 plus hours, try taking a portion block from one of your meals and using it as a snack later on instead. If you’re on your feet most of the time and have an active job, adding an extra 200 to 300 balanced calories to your diet shouldn’t be a problem. Either way, try to eat every 3 hours, and avoid eating 2 to 3 hours before bed.

Skipping meals is not the answer. You may be tempted to fast and skip meals altogether, reducing your daily caloric intake in the hopes that consuming fewer calories will lead to weight loss. The problem with this logic is that drastically reducing your caloric intake can also cause your body’s metabolism to slow down and stop converting food into energy. In order to lose weight, your body needs fuel. Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume, not simply by eating less. It may be counterintuitive, but eating less without exercising is very unhealthy, and will leave you feeling tired and listless, due to a dip in blood sugar. If you want to be super-fit and lean, you have to eat and exercise to turn your body into a fat-burning machine rather than a fat-storing machine.There are harmful side effects of allowing your body to become acclimated to fewer daily calories over the long term and enter what is referred to as starvation mode:

“You are putting less calories toward body heat production and toward activity than you would at a higher calorie level. You may or may not notice that you feel colder than you did at a higher calorie intake. You may or may not notice that you simply move slower and you move less all day long through your activities. You may even be sleeping more than before. You may also be putting less calories toward egg production, immune system function, tissue repair, and other things.”

Plan ahead. Don’t let your work schedule be an excuse for living an unhealthy lifestyle. If you know you’ll be working at dinnertime, find a time to eat healthy snacks and small meals while on the job. It may be difficult at first, and you might need to try out a few schedules, but being smart and proactive will usually supply an answer. Still don’t think it’s possible?

“I don’t get home from work until 10 or 10:30 at night. I didn’t think I had the option of eating at work. I teach dance, and I have classes back to back to back. I don’t even have time to go to the bathroom. I had to make time to eat. I teach ballet 95% of the time, and I teach a certain method where they do the same thing to the same music, so I take the opportunity to eat a dinner that I pack while they’re doing the stuff they know well. I’m still watching and working, but I’m taking care of myself too! I agree with everybody else, pack a dinner!”

Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes are both excellent ways to give your body the nutrition it needs in a quick and easy way, and is very conducive to an on-the-go lifestyle. Other quick, portable, and healthy snacks include fresh fruit, chopped-up veggies, or raw nuts.

The bottom line is that you are the only person who can take control of your health. If you’re not really committed to taking the necessary steps to losing weight and getting fit, then there are any number of excuses you could make to explain why it’s just not possible for you. Don’t be lured by the temptation of the drive-thru, and avoid putting yourself in situations where the temptation to eat poorly is the easiest option. As soon as you start making excuses for yourself, you’ve lost. In truth, successful people are always the ones who persisted despite any obstacles or challenges that stood before them. Life will always get in the way, so make being healthy a necessity, not a choice. If you can schedule a time to work out every day, then you can certainly coordinate an appropriate eating schedule as well.

Head Coach Catherine, Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp

Adapted from Omar Shamout at  http://teambeachbody.com/about/newsletters/-/nli/174#58926794
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