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Skinny Jeans – Small Group Training Success

Yep, we said it, skinny jeans and muffin top in the same sentence.

C’mon, we know that you know exactly what a muffin top is so why not do something fun and effective and burn that extra fat before summer is over. That is exactly what the following clients did in May of this year. They took part in our first “beta test” small group indoor training protocol.

It was an 8-week training and customized nutrition program that yielded SUPER results for EVERYONE who participated. And yep, every Challenger that could not fit into their 2-sizes too small jeans at the beginning of 8 weeks, DID fit into them at the end of 8 weeks.

The Challengers lost over 89 inches total, mostly from the hips, thighs, butt and mid section while at the same time they got stronger and tightened and lifted the rest of their body! Let’s look at their results.

Leah G. Stats and Pictures

Before Skinny Jeans


After Skinny Jeans


19-Apr 14-Jun
Circumference Leah G. Leah G. Change
Shoulder 19 19.5 -.05
Right Arm 12 10.5 1.5
Left Arm 11.75 10.5 1.25
Chest 37.5 34 3.5
Waist 29 25.25 3.75
Hips 39.5 38.75 .75
Right Leg 22 21 1
Left Leg 22.5 21 1.5
Inches Change 12.75

Judi A. Pictures

Before Skinny Jeans


After Skinny Jeans


Kristin and Mike

We are currently finishing up our second 8-week Challenge, THAT is how successful it has been! Twenty Challengers in May/June and thirty Challengers in July/August.

Want to have your own success?

Join us for our LAST 8-Week Challenge of 2010. The next session will run from September 13th through November 6th; perfect time to head into the holidays and have a chance to win over $4000 dollars in sponsor raffle gifts and prizes. New eating habits once and for all and a new tight and toned body. Oh yeah and new designer jeans.

Police Officers, fire fighters, military personnel, business professionals, moms, doctors, lawyers and everyone in between are taking part in this successful training program.

Once the Challenge is over, it is over! BUT Small Group Training will become part of our indoor membership service come November 2010.


Power Yoga Added to Calendar

A Power Yoga Advanced Camp has been added to the calendar.

Power Yoga
Coach Amy Friese
Friday, August 6, 6:30-7:30AM at Bradford Beach

Bike Boot Camp, Traveling Camp, and Free Camps Announced


We have some great FREE and Advanced Boot Camps scheduled for you in the upcoming weeks. And don’t forget about the August four week camps, this is YOUR chance to kick it up a notch before summer ends! August is the LAST 4-week session in 2010 so plan to attend the August 5th Nutrition Seminar (6-8 pm) and an August super-charged boot camp! READ MORE

Hope to see you!

~ Head Coach Catherine and the Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp Team

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

Do you want to know…

  • How to make the most healthful and delicious choices for you and your family?
  • The 6 rules to mastering your food market?
  • The 11 Secrets the Food Industry doesn’t want you to know?
  • What low fat, light, less, lower and other food labels really mean?
  • What’s better: butter or margarine, frozen or fresh, low fat or low carb? (The answers will surprise you.)
  • How to finally stop dieting and make healthful eating a natural part of your life?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you should sign up for a grocery shopping tour.  You will learn the answers to these questions and more.  REGISTER NOW!

Skinny Jeans Update and NEW Challenge

20 challengers…8 weeks…32 sessions…to get into their Skinny Jeans.

Mission Impossible? No way!

At the end of week #6, ALL Challengers who tried on their “two sizes too small” Skinny Jeans, FIT INTO THEM! Check out a session in progress. What a super success we had for our FIRST Skinny Jeans & Muffin Top Melt Off Challenge.

This Challenge is a professional fat loss exercise program led by trained coaches and included metabolic and total body protocols – high-intensity cardio bursts and strength and resistance training.  This is NOT Boot Camp! All sessions are held at our new, almost state-of-the-art fitness facility. This eight-week program, which ran from April 19 to -June 12, consisted of four workout sessions per week (for a total of 32, 45-minute sessions). Sessions were offered on a variety of days and times so all Challengers had a few choices to constantly pick from to suit their schedules.

The Challenge Recap:

  • It all began at the MABC new indoor facility, 4170 N. Port Washington Rd, Suite 2, in Glendale.
  • Contenders brought in a pair of jeans (from their closet or newly purchased) that they would like to fit into; jeans had to be at least two sizes too small.
  • A photo was taken with participants trying to pull on their jeans (over a pair of spandex shorts or pants).
  • Jeans were kept at Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp indoor facility for ongoing “try-ons” every two weeks.
  • Participants were given a free fitness assessment and circumference measurement at the time of the initial “try-on” photo shoot.
  • Challengers whose jeans fit at the end of the Challenge (June 12th) will be entered into a drawing for a free pair of designer jeans donated by our partner, Stephanie Horne Boutique.

“Imagine losing two jean sizes in eight weeks!” Our Challengers did it! What better way to kick off summer than by shedding those pounds you’ve been wanting to lose?  They followed this training and nutrition and program and found success.”

What about you? C’mon, give yourself 8-weeks and be in the those Skinny Jeans or just lose that Gut before Labor Day! This is NOT a gimmick. It is the most recent, effective total body and metabolic training protocol performed in a small group format.

Intrigued? Want to know more about the NEW Skinny Jeans & Gut to Cut Challenge running July 5th – August 28th? Check it out online and keep your eyes open for our e-blast e-flier. Registration for the next session opens on Wednesday June 16. This is co-ed and all are welcome, but the challenge will take only 40 participants to keep the “small group” element in tact.  So sign up without delay. For more information about the NEW Skinny Jeans & Gut to Cut Challenge, visit www.milwaukeebootcamp.com or call 414-881-5FIT (5348).

What is an Advanced Camp? How Can I Participate?

Anyone wishing to participate in an “advanced camp” needs to have already completed a full boot camp with Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp.

As coaches, we want to make sure all participants have developed a baseline strength level in their muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments to avoid injury. Most advanced camp will run during the interim week(s) between full boot camp sessions.  Advanced camps are an excellent opportunity for the MABC coaches to focus on individuals in this smaller group setting; since advanced camps are limited to 20 campers.

These 60 or 90 minute sessions ($20 or $30) are similar to a typical “week four” boot camp session but will tend to be higher in intensity with regard to cardio and resistance training. The programming is more challenging and incorporates complex exercises (adding several moves to one ‘exercise’) and includes longer periods of high intensity circuits followed by slightly longer periods of rest (i.e. Tabatas: 90 seconds ON w/ 30 or 45 seconds OFF). Most of the advanced camp protocol will have campers using heavier weights or more challenging landscapes (i.e. higher step-ups or skipping more steps).

This is a perfect opportunity to try something new, challenging and to keep your boot camp legs about you during an “off” week. Keep your eyes peeled for update “E-Blasts” on Traveling and Bike Advanced Boot Camps! If you are interested in signing up for one of these camps, please do so online, CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.

Boot Camp for Bleachers Scheduled for June 26th

Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp is proud to participate in a special boot camp to help Shorewood High School raise money for bleachers. This is a great way to support a good cause and get a fantastic workout.

Read more about this event.

Advanced Boot Camps Added to Calendar

The advanced boot camp calendar has been updated with more camps in May!

Free Camps a Way to Try Out Top-Ranked Fitness Choice


MABC Free Sessions a Way to Try Out Top-Ranked Fitness Choice

Learn How to Burn Calories and Improve Muscular Fitness

Milwaukee (April  29, 2010) – Attending free sessions of fitness boot camp, the exercise phenomenon that’s been popping up around the country, is a smart way to sample before signing up for a full program.  To give the curious a chance to “weigh in” before taking the leap, Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp (MABC) will host free one-hour sessions monthly, usually at all three of its locations, announced MABC owner and head coach, Catherine Andersen.

The next free camp will be held May 15.  Registration is required. Times and locations for May are as follows:

  • Saturday, May 15, 7-8 a.m., Bradford Beach, Milwaukee
  • Saturday, May 15, 7-8 a.m., South Shore Park, Bay View
  • Saturday, May 15, 10-11 a.m., Mary Knoll Park, City of Brookfield (note new location)
  • Saturday, June 19th, 8-9 a.m., Mary Knoll Park, City of Brookfield
  • Saturday, June 19th, 7-8 a.m., South Shore Park, Bay View

Free camps are coed, and everyone should bring a mat, weights and water.   Participants must pre- register either online at www.milwaukeebootcamp.com, via email:  support@milwaukeebootcamp.com or call (414) 881-5348.  The free camps are available your-round.

“It’s no surprise that boot camp has become such a popular choice,” said Andersen.  “We cover all the elements of a complete workout – cardiovascular and strength training, toning exercises and stretching – all in one hour.  Plus we make sure our camps provide a fun group experience, personal attention and activities that allow campers to work out at their own fitness levels.  Free camps let participants sample the full program.”

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), America’s leading authority on fitness, announced boot camp as one of the top 10 fitness trends for 2010, citing its efficiency in burning calories and improving muscular fitness.

About Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp

Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp, a complete fitness program that runs year-round both indoors and outside, has class locations in Milwaukee, Bay View and Elm Grove/Brookfield.   Since its first camp in February 2008, MABC has worked with over a thousand campers, most of them repeat participants due do the program’s high level of success and fun.  The exercise regimen includes weight training, cardio games and drills, core training with elements of yoga and Pilates, and other cardio conditioning and full-body muscle-strengthening aspects; a nutritional component also plays a very strong role in the program, along with strong coaching support.  MABC, a division of A-List Fitness, is the only Better Business Bureau-accredited fitness boot camp in Milwaukee and the state.

Skinny Jean and Muffin Top Melt-Off Challenge

Yep, we said it, skinny jeans and muffin top in the same sentence.  C’mon, we know that you  know exactly what a muffin top is so why not do something fun and effective and burn that extra fat before summer gets here. You can, and we are here to help!

If you have not already heard, here is how it works:

  • Bring in a pair of jeans from your closet or buy a pair you would like to fit into; jeans must be at least 2 sizes too small.
  • Your coach will take a photo of you trying to get’em on, over a pair of spandex shorts or pants.
  • We will then keep your jeans here onsite at the MABC facility and you can try’em on throughout the 8-week challenge.
  • You will then have 8 weeks to get into your jeans and melt off that muffin top… …at the end of the challenge you are a winner if you can say… “I can finally fit into my skinny jeans!”

Important Points of the Indoor Challenge:

  • This challenge is open to men and women and runs from 4/19-6/12.
  • All sessions are held indoor at the Milwaukee Adventure Facility at 4170 North Port Washington Rd, Glendale WI, 53212. We are the 2nd floor warehouse space above the DOC — doors face Olive Street.
  • Spots are limited to 40 since class sizes are kept small for personal attention.
  • Challenge includes four (4) indoor group sessions per week and you can choose between mornings and evenings and Saturdays.
  • Sessions are 45-55 minutes and times are:
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 10:00 am
    • Tuesday & Thursday – 9:00 am
    • Monday – Thursday evenings – 6:00 pm
    • Saturday – 8:30 am and & 10:00 am
  • Includes an accountability reminder every Monday.
  • All participants are recommended to complete four (4) workouts per week during the challenge. Challenge is a combination of metabolic and strength training in small group fitness sessions with nutrition education. This is recommended to achieve maximum results.
  • Includes an 8-week Skinny Jeans journal with nutrition recommendations to guarantee you get into your skinny jeans.
  • Participants cannot transfer already existing boot camp sessions from an existing month.  Challenge must be purchased separately.
  • No refunds will be issued after registration fee is paid.
  • The pre-measurement will be the first week of the challenge (4/19-4/23). The post measurement must be done between June 14th and June 16th (no final measurements after June 16th).
  • Participants will be photographed onsite and a circumference measurement and fitness assessment will be given by an MABC certified fitness trainer.
  • All equipment is onsite, participants should dress in “workout” attire, bring a bottle of water, a towel and an exercise mat.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 414-881-5348.

Challenge Fee:

$499.00 per person. That is only $15.59 per session with a certified and professional personal fitness trainer.

Challenge Results:

Once you have completed 8-weeks (32 sessions) of full body, metabolism stimulating, lean muscle toning and fun workouts and can say, “hey look, I fit into my skinny jeans,” you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE pair of designer jeans.

**Already signed up for an outdoor boot camp, no problem, we will be holding a Skinhy Jeans challenge at all out door boot camps for those interested in adding an extra “goal” for themselves heading into the summer season. Coaches will discuss this further the first week of camp**

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