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Nutrition Product of the month: Almond Milk

Well, I am a convert.

Nothing life changing but definitely a super nutritional change for my health. Almond Milk (we buy Blue Diamond Natural Unsweeteened Vanilla) is a smart step when trying to make better food choices. It is lactose, cholesterol and gluten free and a fantastic source of fat soluble vitamins (A, D and E). The light nutty flavor adds more taste to the foods that you would normally enjoy with milk AND it has a healthier nutritent breakdown.

Our goal at Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp is to encourage you to increase your protein to help your muscles recuperate from the tough workouts. We also support cutting out as much sugar as possible. Sugar raises your blood glucose levels which in turn raises your insulin spike. Control your hormones by controlling your sugar. Control your sugar and burn more fat! We miss the slight added protein that we get in skim milk but the trade-off is worth the lower sugar intake.

See for yourself…(Comparison is 1 cup (8 oz) of skim milk versus the same of almond milk)

Skim Milk
Fat = 0 gr.
Cholesterol = 5 mg.
Sodium = 120 mg.
Potassium = 382 mg.
Total Carbs = 12 gr.
Dietary Fiber = 0 gr.
Sugars = 12 gr.
Protein = 8 gr.

Almond Milk
Fat = 3 gr. (healthy fat does not make you fat)
Cholesterol = 0 mg.
Sodium = 180 mg.
Potassium = 190 mg.
Total Carbs = 2 gr.
Dietary Fiber = 1 gr.
Sugars = 0 gr.
Protein = 1 gr.

Try it and let us know what you think. Bottoms up!
Note: Almond milk is NOT a substitute for infant formula and if you are allergic to nuts, please do not comsume almond milk!

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