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Skinny Jeans Challenge Update

The Skinny Milwaukee Boot CampJeans and Muffin Top Melt Off Challenge is underway and going great, check out these photos and see for yourself!

As much as we love being outdoors for boot camp in the Spring, we are proud to offer this unique 8-week challenge for those wanting an extra goal before summer gets here, are sick and tired of being involved in an exercise program that is NOT working or is boring, or are wanting to enjoy the MABC indoor facility workout!

Each week the challengers attend four metabolically stimulating sessions that alternate between full body cardio/plyometric work and full body strength resistance work.  Make no mistake though, this is NOT boot camp but a professionally designed and customized program to illicit a specific response from the body and works synergistically with a pre designed and planned out nutritional meal plan for MAXIMUM results.

Oh yeah, and it is fun, tough and effective, but fun! At the end of week #2, one challenger was already down 8 pounds (some fluid and some fat). How’s that for progress?

Want in on the fun boot campers; come join us for an additional workout on M-W-F at 10 am, M-Thur at 6 pm or Saturdays at 8:30 and 10:00 am for just $15.

~ Coach Catherine and the Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp Team



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  1. Will you be offering a second chance skinny jeans challenge?

    • Hi Nicki, the answer is maybe. This being the first one, we want to finish it and get feedback before we make the decision. So far, looks promising. C

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