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Successful Nutrition is All About 10% Splurge & 90% Compliance

Have you ever started a diet or nutrition program where you made certain foods off limits? C’mon be honest! While following that program, did you find yourself frequently craving these off limit foods? Yep, me too! In many cases, we get to the point where we give in to this food and then continue to eat it past the point of fullness, even when the food doesn’t make us feel good. This is exactly why it’s important to allow yourself the weekly 10% of non-compliant foods. When you have access to the foods that were once off limits on a regular basis, they become much less appealing. When you can actually sit down and eat a bowl of ice cream, instead of sneaking in the “I’m not really eating this” spoon fulls every time you open the freezer, you may start to find that the ice cream will lose its appeal. So allow yourself the occasional, guilt-free splurge, and you will likely find your 90% easier to stick with. Not only is it life balance, it will help keep you sane and on that straight and narrow to quicker results.

Motivational Tips to Get You Through a Long Weekend…

or a rut!

Start by doing 1o minutes. If you make the effort to put your workout clothes on and actually get moving, you will do double or triple the time you set out to do. By tricking yourself into just doing the minimum, your realize that you can push yourself harder than you originally had thought.  

Be competitive. Have a husband or friend that is working out harder than you? Try and beat them. Use their motivation to stimulate your routine. Or, compete with yourself. Make a goal to beat your previous time, destination, incline, or repetition. Reward yourself for these goals (in a healthy manner… new running shoes perhaps? A trip to LuluLemon?)

Break up your workouts. If you overtrain, you will become bored with your workout. Remember, everything is exercise. On days off of bootcamp, break up your workouts throughout the day. Take the stairs, add a quick treadmill run, play an intramural sport, go for a hike, or try a new exercise like yoga or pilates. It all adds up!

Listen to yourself. If you are truly run down, take a break and go for a walk. But, trust in yourself to push through laziness. Laziness and being worn down are entirely different. Do not beat yourself up for a missed workout if you are exhausted, either try for a lighter form of exercise or get the rest and nutrients you need and return to your routine the next day. Do NOT berate yourself for missing a workout, but refuse to allow yourself to use it as an excuse to get out of an exercise routine.

Be efficient.  If you have a small amount of time to workout in, maximize the effectiveness of your workout. Cut out some of the repetitions in favor of maximizing moves that will amp up your workout in a shorter period of time.  For example, in lieu of doing a long treadmill climb, pump up the speed for short interval bursts of speed – one minute run, one minute walk.

Contributors: Rebbecca Webber, http://www.prevention.com

Skinny Jeans – Small Group Training Success

Yep, we said it, skinny jeans and muffin top in the same sentence.

C’mon, we know that you know exactly what a muffin top is so why not do something fun and effective and burn that extra fat before summer is over. That is exactly what the following clients did in May of this year. They took part in our first “beta test” small group indoor training protocol.

It was an 8-week training and customized nutrition program that yielded SUPER results for EVERYONE who participated. And yep, every Challenger that could not fit into their 2-sizes too small jeans at the beginning of 8 weeks, DID fit into them at the end of 8 weeks.

The Challengers lost over 89 inches total, mostly from the hips, thighs, butt and mid section while at the same time they got stronger and tightened and lifted the rest of their body! Let’s look at their results.

Leah G. Stats and Pictures

Before Skinny Jeans


After Skinny Jeans


19-Apr 14-Jun
Circumference Leah G. Leah G. Change
Shoulder 19 19.5 -.05
Right Arm 12 10.5 1.5
Left Arm 11.75 10.5 1.25
Chest 37.5 34 3.5
Waist 29 25.25 3.75
Hips 39.5 38.75 .75
Right Leg 22 21 1
Left Leg 22.5 21 1.5
Inches Change 12.75

Judi A. Pictures

Before Skinny Jeans


After Skinny Jeans


Kristin and Mike

We are currently finishing up our second 8-week Challenge, THAT is how successful it has been! Twenty Challengers in May/June and thirty Challengers in July/August.

Want to have your own success?

Join us for our LAST 8-Week Challenge of 2010. The next session will run from September 13th through November 6th; perfect time to head into the holidays and have a chance to win over $4000 dollars in sponsor raffle gifts and prizes. New eating habits once and for all and a new tight and toned body. Oh yeah and new designer jeans.

Police Officers, fire fighters, military personnel, business professionals, moms, doctors, lawyers and everyone in between are taking part in this successful training program.

Once the Challenge is over, it is over! BUT Small Group Training will become part of our indoor membership service come November 2010.


5 Ways to Beat the Work Time Snack Attack

I recall an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm a few years back  (yes I was hooked) where Larry David was arguing with someone over the proper time to eat dinner. He was adamant that dinner is traditionally eaten between the hours of 5 PM and 8 PM. Not before. Not after. Since the majority of Americans don’t have the luxury of living off Seinfeld residuals, we have to go to work, and sometimes that means we can’t eat at “normal” hours, or in any sort of regular intervals. A constantly rotating work schedule, constant meetings, or very long shifts present a challenge to eating right, but can certainly be overcome with proper planning and a positive outlook.

Your body is a creature of habit. It gets used to routines, and the chemical processes that go on inside of it are on a set schedule. Consequently, if you do something to throw those off, like drastically altering your eating habits, it tends to react poorly. The best way to fix this is to outsmart your body, and get it on a schedule that works for the both of you. And as many of you know, at all of our Nutrition Seminars we preach the value of food planning and preparation. Hey anything to make your life a little easier.

Here are some tips on how help our bodies work optimally:

If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re busted no matter what. Therefore, the first order of business is to adjust your sleep schedule. Cutting out crucial hours of sleep will affect the results you see from not only your diet, but your workout as well. Not getting enough sleep is detrimental to your health and metabolism, even if you eat during “optimal” periods. The point here is that if working late causes you to lose sleep, you will be doing damage to your body no matter how well you eat, and all the subsequent tips mentioned below will be for naught.

Late-night eating. We’ve always heard that eating right before bed is bad because the body doesn’t get a chance to burn those calories off, and instead converts the food into fat. At the same time, depriving your body of nutrients isn’t healthy either, so what’s the answer? In a recent study at Northwestern University, scientists discovered that a group of mice who were only allowed to eat a high-fat diet during an non-optimal eating period (nighttime) gained over twice as much weight as mice only allowed to eat during an optimal eating period (daytime). In other words, mice that ate before bed got fat. While researchers are as yet unable to pinpoint a single reason for this discrepancy, “the interplay between body temperature, metabolic hormones such as leptin, and the sleep-wake cycle” were determined to be the biggest contributing factors. So if you can avoid eating before bed, do. But if you’re hard pressed, keep it small and try to space it as far away from sleep as possible.

Eat moderately throughout the day. This is the best solution to avoid getting those deep hunger pangs at night when you get home, and to set your body’s metabolism on an effective rhythm. This is especially true for people whose jobs force them to be immobile, and prevent them from getting enough natural exercise throughout the day to allow them to burn off a few of the calories from a heavy lunch. If you’re working a double shift and find yourself awake for 20 plus hours, try taking a portion block from one of your meals and using it as a snack later on instead. If you’re on your feet most of the time and have an active job, adding an extra 200 to 300 balanced calories to your diet shouldn’t be a problem. Either way, try to eat every 3 hours, and avoid eating 2 to 3 hours before bed.

Skipping meals is not the answer. You may be tempted to fast and skip meals altogether, reducing your daily caloric intake in the hopes that consuming fewer calories will lead to weight loss. The problem with this logic is that drastically reducing your caloric intake can also cause your body’s metabolism to slow down and stop converting food into energy. In order to lose weight, your body needs fuel. Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume, not simply by eating less. It may be counterintuitive, but eating less without exercising is very unhealthy, and will leave you feeling tired and listless, due to a dip in blood sugar. If you want to be super-fit and lean, you have to eat and exercise to turn your body into a fat-burning machine rather than a fat-storing machine.There are harmful side effects of allowing your body to become acclimated to fewer daily calories over the long term and enter what is referred to as starvation mode:

“You are putting less calories toward body heat production and toward activity than you would at a higher calorie level. You may or may not notice that you feel colder than you did at a higher calorie intake. You may or may not notice that you simply move slower and you move less all day long through your activities. You may even be sleeping more than before. You may also be putting less calories toward egg production, immune system function, tissue repair, and other things.”

Plan ahead. Don’t let your work schedule be an excuse for living an unhealthy lifestyle. If you know you’ll be working at dinnertime, find a time to eat healthy snacks and small meals while on the job. It may be difficult at first, and you might need to try out a few schedules, but being smart and proactive will usually supply an answer. Still don’t think it’s possible?

“I don’t get home from work until 10 or 10:30 at night. I didn’t think I had the option of eating at work. I teach dance, and I have classes back to back to back. I don’t even have time to go to the bathroom. I had to make time to eat. I teach ballet 95% of the time, and I teach a certain method where they do the same thing to the same music, so I take the opportunity to eat a dinner that I pack while they’re doing the stuff they know well. I’m still watching and working, but I’m taking care of myself too! I agree with everybody else, pack a dinner!”

Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes are both excellent ways to give your body the nutrition it needs in a quick and easy way, and is very conducive to an on-the-go lifestyle. Other quick, portable, and healthy snacks include fresh fruit, chopped-up veggies, or raw nuts.

The bottom line is that you are the only person who can take control of your health. If you’re not really committed to taking the necessary steps to losing weight and getting fit, then there are any number of excuses you could make to explain why it’s just not possible for you. Don’t be lured by the temptation of the drive-thru, and avoid putting yourself in situations where the temptation to eat poorly is the easiest option. As soon as you start making excuses for yourself, you’ve lost. In truth, successful people are always the ones who persisted despite any obstacles or challenges that stood before them. Life will always get in the way, so make being healthy a necessity, not a choice. If you can schedule a time to work out every day, then you can certainly coordinate an appropriate eating schedule as well.

Head Coach Catherine, Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp

Adapted from Omar Shamout at  http://teambeachbody.com/about/newsletters/-/nli/174#58926794

Dad’s Like Boot Camp Too!

Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp is for MEN, too. In fact, our co-ed camp has been gaining in popularity over the past couple of months.

It’s true that men and women have different strengths, and it is in working out with someone different than you that you both reap big fitness benefits. So if you are looking to shake up your workout – try a co-ed camp or give a gift certificate to a dad in your life!   Click to Find Out More

Think Your Way to Be Fit, Confident, and Empowered

Let me share something with you a good friend and mentor shared with me about my personal power to succeed the year I began my professional Figure career. Really think about these words and ponder how they relate to you and your life…

…You are your own computer programmer! You have the ability to write the computer program that will create the person you want to become. You have about 50,000 commands (thoughts) to send to your computer (brain) every day.  If you use the right commands, they will program you to become fit, confident and empowered. Every thought you have is another programming message to your brain instructing it, just like a computer, to tell your body to behave a certain way. The one thing you have total control over is every thought you let enter your head and therefore what you program your brain to tell your body to become. You must program your brain that you are fit in order to become a fit person.

Be aware of how you talk to yourself and what you think to yourself daily. Every thought is a message taking you closer to becoming the person you want to become or farther away from that goal. You are programming yourself and you have total control. Whenever you become aware of a repetitive negative thought or programming message, ask yourself: Are you giving your body the commands it needs to create the program to become the person you want to become? Are you using your 50,000 commands a day to create a fit, confident and empowered person?…

Many professional athletes have conquered this power of thought concept; that is why they have had such great success in their fields. BUT you and I are just as capable of creating what we want through our thoughts.

“You are exactly what you believe and think about all day long. Constantly monitor your thoughts.” – Unknown Author

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