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Teaching Teenagers About Healthy Eating!

About one in five teenagers eat fast foods every day.

About one in five teenagers eat fast foods every day.

Many of us who are the parents of teenagers today grew up in the 70s and 80s when junk food was in, a burger and fries were considered meat and potatoes, and the only people who ate healthy food were labeled as health nuts or hippies. Some of us actually ate a balanced lunch at school each day, either bringing food from home or buying the school lunch. But many others succumbed to the candy bar machines, potato and corn chips, and of course, cans of soda. This unhealthy trend continued into college, for those who attended, and in many colleges, there was a phenomenon that came to be known as “the freshman 15” referring to the 15 pounds gained by many college freshman after eating so much junk food.

Now that we’re all grown up and know the ugly truth about cholesterol trans fats, and carbs, we know better, but our kids will still tend toward the unhealthy eating trends unless we teach them early and train them to care for their bodies properly. Continue reading

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