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Platinum Package Memberships – Are YOU Ready for the Transformation?

Did you know that confidence does NOT come from a big boisterous voice that runs on and on, filling an entire room? Instead of being about dramatics, confidence is about being certain about your intentions – make a stand for what you believe in and commit to those intentions calmly and purposefully.

I have been blessed to find my purpose…what is yours? If it is to finally get and stay fit and healthy, then why not let us help? By jumping in with both feet and becoming one of only a few Platinum Package Members, you are allowing yourself the chance to succeed.

Plan to make boot camp your primary fitness regimen for 2010, what have you got to lose? Stop allowing yourself an easy “out.” Think about it, you get 11 boot camps for the price of 9 PLUS a ton of “extras” only reserved for Platinum Members – you can’t beat that! We are only able to offer a limited number of packages per camp location, so don’t wait too long. When they are gone, they’re gone!  Sign up Now!

Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp

~ Coaches Catherine, Amy, Sandi, and Julie,  Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp

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