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Top 10 Health Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

Today’s Boot Camp Healthy Tip — Get Good Sleep!

At least once per camp I talk about the benefits of sleeping.  The proper amount of sleep is so important for your health.  You are demanding a lot of your body to wake up early and exert you self to high intensities.  Most of the things we do at night are not the most productive (surfing the web, watching the news or reality TV, communicating with strangers on social networking sites, talking on the phone).  It should be easy to shut down 30 – 60 minutes earlier. Strive to get in bed by 10 – the latest.  I promise you won’t miss anything.  Check out this article from about.com on the Top 10 Health Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep.  It is difficult to lose fat is you are sleep deprived.  Get to bed early tonight!

~ Coach Catherine – Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp – http://www.milwaukeebootcamp.com

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