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Emotional Hunger

Do either of these phrases sound or feel familiar: “But I’m just not hungry!” or “I have a ravenous appetite that I can never fill.”  For those experiencing an eating disorder, these thoughts and feelings seem to dictate your life.  Some never feel hungry, literally, no matter how little they eat.  Some never feel satisfied, no matter how much they eat. There are several emotional reasons behind such physical manifestations; however, I’d like to focus on one aspect. How we deal with our physical appetites correlates with how we deal with our emotional appetites and needs. For example, do you deny your need to use your voice? Do you ignore your needs for connection? Do you feel as if you don’t deserve to take up space through wanting or speaking your views? If you don’t feel hungry or deny your hunger, chances are you also deny or ignore your needs. Our body will speak for us what we cannot say with our mouths.

To understand these patterns of using food fill or deny one’s needs, we need to reevaluate our experiences as a young person. Such patterns start by hearing phrases like, “You’re being disrespectful,” “Who do you think you are?” or Continue reading

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