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Clean Your Way Lean and Toned

Taking a month off of boot camp or are you going on vacation, no problem; we have sneaky ways to work exercise into your everyday routine. Try these three body sculpting exercises you can do while completing household chores.

WAX ON WAX OFF:  targets chest, triceps, butt & legs

Stand facing counter with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, feet turned out 45 degrees, cleaning cloth in right hand. Lower into plie squat & press cloth on counter with right palm. Maintaining squat, trace 10 small circles with right palm, then switch hands & repeat. Spritz cleaner as you go.

RAG DRAG:  targets butt & legs

Stand on kitchen floor with each foot on a damp rag and feet shoulder width apart. Lower into squat, back straight & abs tight. Slide right foot out 6 inches & back 7 times. Maintaining squat, repeat with left leg & continue moving around floor until floor is clean.

BATHTUB DIP:  targets triceps

Before baby’s bath time, sit on edge of tub until it fills. Place palms flat on tubs edge on either side of hips, fingers pointing forward, step feet a few inches forward, scoot hips off edge. Bend elbows directly behind you 90 degrees to lower hips towards floor, then straighten them to raise hips again. Do 2 to 3 steps of 10 reps.

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