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Camping Workout? Yep, Even When You Are Camping! No Excuses!

It’s the season to camp but it doesn’t have to be the season to slack off on your workouts! C’mon now, you have lots of summer left. Many people decide to take a 1 to 2-month sabbaticals during the summer because they can’t seem to find the time to get to a gym or to boot camp but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can give your body an amazing full body workout with no equipment whatsoever. There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do to target all muscle groups. So, as we tell our clients and other campers, no excuses gang! Here are some ideas to help you stay on track; many of which Coach Mike and I do when we travel…


If you want to maintain your aerobic fitness and keep on burning calories to prevent weight gain during your travels, use the outdoors as your playground.  A hike, run, power walk, cycle, or swim can be done pretty much anywhere.  Get up early and take the time for yourself before your kids, friends and family start demanding your energy. You’ll feel so much better for it. And remember, it doesn’t have to be an all-out time consuming workout. 10-20 minutes may be all you need.  Every little bit counts and something is better than nothing. Take time to enjoy the scenery, listen to the sounds and smell the beautiful fragrances of the outdoors.


The exercise choices are limitless. Lunges, step ups, pushups, tricep dips on park benches and wall squats/sits are favorite exercises while away from the gym or boot camp because they are so efficient, effective and don’t require any equipment. They target all your lower body muscles and train your balance as well. If you can purchase an exercise tube with handles at your local fitness department store, your choices are so much greater.  You can wrap a tube around a pole, tree, fence or deck and perform back rows and pull-downs and tricep kick-backs like we do at boot camp. You can also sit and wrap the tube under a chair and perform overhead shoulder presses. You can stand on the tube and perform bicep curls and side shoulder raises. Your options are numerous and a tube isn’t going to take up too much space or weight in your luggage.  Your abdominal work, of course, can be done anywhere using planks, v-sits, crunches etc.


Stretching, a component that should not be neglected while away; can be done anywhere. There’s nothing better than stretching or performing some simple yoga exercises (think downward dog and child’s pose) by the lake or river. What a great way to finish a workout and start or finish the day.

Yours in health & fitness,

Coach Catherine

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