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What went wrong with YOUR goals? Why did you fail last time?


I see it all the time; people have great intentions and start an exercise program over and over and over again.  They decide to start working out and eating healthy and within a few months, for whatever reason, find themselves back where they started.  Something like a New Year’s resolution, summer, a wedding, vacation, injury rehab or a reunion sparks their interest and motivates them to try again.  They decide they will go on a diet or they will exercise every day.

Eventually, most people fail again because they are basically mimicking exactly what they did last time. 

Why do people get in the bad habit of just repeating past attempts doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result – isn’t that the definition for insanity?  The bottom line is that whatever forced you off track last time, will more than likely surface again. 


This time, though, things are going to be different. You are going to be prepared and you are going to stay on track this time and I am here to help!  You need to develop a strategy for overcoming roadblocks posed by work, kids, fatigue or lack of time.  We are going to determine how you are going to balance it all.  For example, if previously you found work or family responsibilities got in the way of you achieving your goals, your strategy may be to book your workout appointments into your schedule like you would any other appointment. You will carve that time out for you, your most important asset! You would not cancel a business appointment with an important client or cancel your yearly physical with your doctor.  Likewise, you must never cancel your workouts. 

Another strategy may be to hire a fitness coach, which will force you to stick to your exercise appointment or ask a friend to join you in a commitment to walk every day at lunch or join you at boot camp EARLY in the morning.  Another example may be that at about 2-4 weeks into your program, you always get bored with what you are doing and eventually give up.  So instead, you outline a list of new activities you will try every 2-4 or six months.

Whatever YOUR obstacle is, let’s develop a strategy to make sure this time it doesn’t take you down!


Outline any obstacles that have surfaced in the past or that you expect will surface in the future.  Once you have outlined the potential obstacles, then you can determine your strategies for overcoming them.  You will be prepared – no surprises! Current Boot Campers, feel free to use this as you goal sheet!



(you may find it  necessary to outline numerous strategies for any potential obstacle)











Yours in health & fitness,

Coach Catherine Andersen

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