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Redefine Your Fitness Goals for Success

Redefine Your Fitness Goals for Success – Local Expert, Coach Catherine, Speaks Out!

During the first 10 years of the 21st century, fitness has been redefined. Fitness is no longer about being in a target heart rate zone for a certain period of time or how far you can run only focusing on cardiovascular fitness. 

Fitness in the 21st century is about not only having endurance, but also having strength, power, core stability, flexibility, improved range of motion, and better function in day-to-day activities. Does your fitness routine include everything a 21st century fitness routine should? Yep, that is what we thought.

Too many people get stuck in a rut of doing the same routine for years and most of those routines only work on one aspect of fitness.

For example,

Runners work on endurance only in one plane of motion.

People who Spin work on endurance only in one plane of motion.

People who do Yoga work on their flexibility and range of motion.

People who lift weights, do the same lifting routine working on strength usually not including power and core exercises.

People who do Pilates work on core strength.

Every single one of the above routines only builds one aspect of fitness — missing out on all of the other crucial components. A fitness routine of the 21st century should include all aspects of fitness- endurance, strength, core stability, power, flexibility and range of motion along with working in multiple planes of motion. Look familiar? It is the basis for all of our boot camp programming.

People have limited time, now more than ever, so how do you include all of the above in a fitness routine?

 In 45-minutes you can get this done:

 8-10 minutes– Dynamic warm up improving range of motion & flexibility (walking on the treadmill to warm up is a waste of time).

30 minutes– Strength exercises using compound movements and short rest periods to also put a demand on your cardiovascular system – building your endurance. Power and core exercises which both should be a priority in your routine. Your core exercises should include stability exercises, not crunches.

5 minutes – Finish with a cardiovascular demanding “finisher” getting your heart rate up and your metabolism boosted.

That is what a 21st century fitness routine should look like. Change up your routine and reinvent your body by redefining your fitness routine!

Want more information on how to step it up? Visit our website at www.MilwaukeeBootCamp.com.

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