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If you can do this, you may live longer…

Can you stand up or sit down without using your hands?

A recent study conducted at the Clinimex-Exercise Medicine Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, found that people who can sit down and get up using only one hand — or no hands at all — are likely to live longer. The study found that people needing extra assistance, such as getting up on their knees or using two hands, are up to six times more likely to die prematurely.

No worries though  – we are here to help you live longer, healthier and happier. We have a fast-paced, targeted workout that will help you develop a strong butt and beautiful legs, help you look and feel great and may even help you live longer!

One more note, since this workout makes your butt and legs stronger, your ability to sit and stand with minimal assistance will be enhanced. The workout starts with some calorie burning, muscle building stair climbing and finishes off with three of my favorite butt and leg exercises.

Now we know many people who receive our newsletters are not Achieve clients. We also know they love the workout segments that we take the time to research and program because even non clients feel confident these mini workouts are safe and effective. People trust that what we put out there is expert level information. GREAT, use it up but feel free to give us props and pass it along to a friend who could benefit from it.

Do this Achieve workout three times this week on alternating days.

The Workout:

For Cardio, do 20 minutes of stair climbing (at home, at your gym, outdoor stairs or the Step Mill).

Start with an easy, 55-65 percent of heart rate max, 5-minute warm-up. From there, you are ready for some serious calorie burning. Next you will be doing 15 minutes of high-intensity interval work. Interval work is great way to get a lot done in a short time and it consists of two phases: a recovery phase and a work phase. After your warm up, start your first interval with a recovery phase of 90 seconds at 70 percent of heart rate max. Follow each recovery phase with a work phase of a fast 30 seconds working at 90 to 100 percent of heart rate max. Repeat for 15 minutes.

After your 20-minute cardio session, it is time to tone, define and strengthen your glutes and legs.


10 minute, 3 exercise circuit

The circuit will consist of three sets of three exercises performed back to back, each one for a minute. Take a 30 second rest between sets.

Kettlebell Swings….

…target your glutes and hamstrings. When you do the kettlebell swing, think hips. A good hip hinge (tipping over at the hips with a flat back) is critical for this movement. Start by holding the kettlebell with both hands at hip level. Drive your hips backward into a hip hinge. When you have gone as far as you can with a flat back, begin pushing your hips forward (squeeze your glutes!) and swing the kettlebell forward and up in a beautiful arc until the kettlebell is level with your shoulders. Find a good rhythm and repeat as many as you can, with perfect form, in one minute. Do not over hinge as this could injure your lower back muscles.

Squat Hops….

…..are a fantastic thigh and glute exercise. Start by driving your hips backward like you are going to sit in a chair. Go as low as you feel comfortable going, or until your thighs are parallel to the floor. From here, stand up fast with a little hop at the top. Your feet should just barely leave the ground. Perform these as fast as you can, trying to accumulate as many as you can in one minute.

Weighted Hip Lifts….

…..are one of the best butt exercises around. Lay on your back with your knees bent and a weight resting on your hips. Hold on to the weight so it doesn’t move when you lift your hips. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips as high as you can with your heels on the floor. Return to the floor and repeat. How many? You guessed it. As many as you can in one minute.

Take a deep breath!

You have 30 seconds to rest before you start the three exercises again. The first time you do this workout, use weights you think will be a little on the light side so you can focus on perfect form. Remember to take some time after your workout to rest and recover.

Good luck!

Yours in Health & Fitness,


Catherine Andersen

Head Coach Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp


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