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Easter Treats That Are NOT Candy!

Great Easter Treats that Are Not Candy!

Regardless of if you celebrate this holiday or not, the candy will still be around – in the grocery store and at Target especially near the checkouts where it is too easy to just throw some into your cart. Here are great ideas for things that can be included in an Easter basket that are not candy!
Painting eggs isn’t the only way to add color to your Easter celebration. Cute Easter-themed temporary tattoos are just as  colorful and fun.  Many are now made in the USA with dyes that exceed FDA safety standards so that you know they are safe for your kids to use them. And if you  get extras, you can even use them to decorate eggs.
Sure, you could go with nature’s candy and give them raisins, but freeze-dried  mango, blueberries, and bananas are so much more exotic and fun. Local stores like Outpost carry a wide selection of organic dried fruit,  including strawberries, apples, and also vegetables which are quite good.
Give your children creativity instead of sugar with Play-Doh, now available in individually wrapped packages that fit snugly inside  a jumbo plastic egg. Or fill an Easter basket with one-ounce containers of the  new “Play-Doh Plus,” a softer, fluffier Play-Doh.

Invented in 1943 and still American-made, Silly Putty is  a classic now available in a Spring Fun Pack of light blue and pink eggs with matching putty inside. Though it doesn’t transfer newspaper inks as well now that many newspaper (and magazine) inks are soy-based, you can still use Silly Putty to pick up and stretch out pencil drawings, and it still bounces and stretches just like it did when you were a kid.

Still looking for more inspiration? Here are some more ideas: gold dollar coins (get shiny new ones from the bank), Super Balls, pistachios (bonus: they’re egg-shaped!), LEGOs, mini bottles of bubbles, Matchbox cars (especially the three-packs packaged in eggs), self-inking Easter stamps, barrettes or hair ties, jacks with a ball, polished colored rocks, and small animal figures.  Article from Livestrong.org.
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