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What’s Your Fitness Number?

The Functional Movement Screen

By Coach Mike and Coach Marin

Your heaviest squat and fastest 100 meter sprint don’t mean much if you’re not functionally fit. Most NFL teams and other professional sport teams use the functional movement screen (FMS), that we utilize at Achieve, to measure the strengths, weaknesses, and overall fitness of their players!

The true measure of whether you will be able to avoid that fast-approaching opponent or your neighbor’s 4-year-old heading straight for you on his bike is your functional fitness, measured by your fitness number from the FMS. If you have been coming to our sessions, you are well trained in functional movement, but there still may be some areas that you can focus on improving that may give you a new goal during your workouts.

If you would like to learn your number and get some information on how you can improve your overall fitness, email us at info@achievepersonalfit to set up an appointment for a FMS with one of our friendly and knowledgeable coaches -only $20!

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