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Successful Nutrition is All About 10% Splurge & 90% Compliance

Have you ever started a diet or nutrition program where you made certain foods off limits? C’mon be honest! While following that program, did you find yourself frequently craving these off limit foods? Yep, me too! In many cases, we get to the point where we give in to this food and then continue to eat it past the point of fullness, even when the food doesn’t make us feel good. This is exactly why it’s important to allow yourself the weekly 10% of non-compliant foods. When you have access to the foods that were once off limits on a regular basis, they become much less appealing. When you can actually sit down and eat a bowl of ice cream, instead of sneaking in the “I’m not really eating this” spoon fulls every time you open the freezer, you may start to find that the ice cream will lose its appeal. So allow yourself the occasional, guilt-free splurge, and you will likely find your 90% easier to stick with. Not only is it life balance, it will help keep you sane and on that straight and narrow to quicker results.

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