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Learning to Let Go

Why Make Plans At All?

            I’m a planner.  I love to sit at my computer planning exactly how I will make something happen.  This year, I spent New Year’s Day doing just that.  I have my healthy-living plan set out for the entire year.  It includes a column for healthy eating, fitness, creativity, and spirituality.  I even split the goals into 4, thirteen-week phases.  I’m nerdy that way but, you must admit, it’s impressive.

And now I have to let it go.  Not all of it, mind you.  Just the details!

It’s not that the plan is incorrect or even has the bar set too high.  No, I made a plan that could easily be implemented under ideal conditions.  That’s the catch.  I don’t know about you but my days are rarely filled with ideal conditions.  So I did one thing differently this year. I gave myself permission to make changes. None of my plans are written in stone.

In an all-or-nothing plan, when I have to miss 3 days at the gym because work, health and family commitments come up, I may as well give up.  In my current plan, I just keep moving forward because I planned for this to take time and include setbacks.  It’s been a much better way of getting myself started.

I haven’t kept this week’s plan to eat 5 small meals each day with lots of veggies and fruits.  But I have made all of my own food this week, following healthy principals and no processed food.  So, even though I haven’t begun to lose fat in earnest, I’ve made a positive change I can incorporate in my life.

Working out has been nearly impossible this week.  A bout of insomnia, a snowstorm, and an unexpected day with my grandkids have all made an impact.  I want to fall into my old ways and simply proclaim that I have failed again but that”s not true!  I know that I can only fail if I give up.  So tonight I’ll be back at APF getting my butt kicked.  I may not get in 4 workouts this week but I will get in this one.

Next week’s goals?  1. Get to APF 4 times, 2. pack a cooler of healthy foods for work, 3. have a picnic dinner*, and 4. meditate/pray for five minutes in the morning.  I’ll keep you posted!

Sandi’s words of wisdom:  If you cling too tightly to what you have now, you won’t have a free hand to grab the unexpected gifts that come your way.  Loosen your grip!

*Yes, a picnic. I’ll turn on all the lights I can cram into my living room, turn up the thermostat to 80, put on a summer outfit and eat dinner on a blanket spread out on the floor! Why not? It does my heart good to dream a little and my husband is obviously a good sport.

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