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Maintaining a Healthy Life Balance

Admittedly, it is hard to make lifestyle changes and still maintain a healthy social, family, and work balance in your life. However, if you truly do want to make changes – to your workout routine or your nutrition – you will have to learn how to balance YOUR life – not anyone else’s – and make it work for you. This does not mean saying no to everything and focusing solely on your own goals. But, it does allow you to be a little selfish in the respect that you are choosing a goal and choosing to put up boundaries and restrictions on your time, your choices, and the decisions you make. And that is perfectly fine.

So how do you balance making exercise and nutrition a priority? Read on.

Make Habits of Lifestyle Changes

First of all, when it comes to exercise – pick an option that maximizes your time. Desperately trying to get into the gym daily and choosing workouts that do not maximize your time are pointless. Isn’t it better to do something like our indoor training or boot camp and know that when you can make your workout – it is maximizing your efforts?

Ever be on the way out the door to the gym and hear “Mommy, Daddy – can you just help me with this? Play with me?” Gym bag gets dropped and kids attended to. Now, we aren’t saying that you should ignore your children by all means. However, when you have a class time that you have to make and you know the workout is full body and you’ll get true benefits from it – it is easier to stick to it than it is to just say “Oh, I’ll go to the gym later.” Even if you miss class that day – you’ll still make up more in classes that week than several blah sessions at the gym. And that is how you maximize your time.

Moving on.

Once you start decreasing your time in the gym and using your exercise time wisely, you’ll want to work on assimilating good habits into the rest of your day. This will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and free up more time for your family.

Do a new task every single day for 21 days, and you’ve created a habit. The right habits can change your life.

Try planning your day out the day before. Make that your goal for 21 days.

Start preplanning and packing your meals the night before. This will help you stick to a good nutrition plan and prevent you from skipping meals instead of  binging on bad food when you get a moment to eat.

Try focusing on getting enough sleep. This may mean turning off the television and the laptop at the same time every night and getting to bed.

Try writing out a time log and log your day in half-hour increments. After keeping the time log for a week, you will be able to identify “time wasters” that you could change or eliminate altogether from your schedule. You will not believe how much time you waste checking email, messaging on the phone and doing other unneeded random activities.

Setting Goals and Taking Action

At this point you’ve decreased your time in the gym (adding our classes instead) and eliminated your daily time wasters. Your next step is to write down where you are and where you want to go. Determine your personal and professional goals, but ensure they’re attainable and measurable.

This simple action alone can give you focus and direction. The reason most people don’t take action is that their goals are either overwhelming or not inspiring. So pick something you really want to do, and instead of setting your sights only on the long-term goal, write down the smaller tasks you need to accomplish on the way to the larger goal.

These days, people have less free time than ever before. Fitness often becomes an afterthought, pushed aside for more pressing tasks. But if you make your time both in and out of the gym more efficient, you can slowly reintroduce fitness back into your daily routine and still have time for the rest of your life.

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