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Achieve Personal Fitness and MABC’s Favorite Things!

Happy Holiday’s! We thought we would have some fun and list a few of our favorite things!

Coach Catherine’s Favorite Things:

Favorite Protein: Egg Whites International and Beverly International Cookies & Creme

Favorite Workout: HIIT/MegaMetabolic

Favorite Sports Clothing: Bra – The Enell – Not the most attractive, but it works.

Favorite Workout Outfit: Mens boxer shorts, cross trainers, my Enell and a white tank top (I am low maintenance).

Favorite “Treat Food”: ANYTHING chocolate and peanut butter. 🙂

Coach Michael’s Favorite Things:

Favorite workout shoes: Vibram Five-Fingers

Favorite workout: MegaMetabolic

Favorite “treat food”: Turtle Sundae from Oscar’s & Pizza

Favorite “healthy meal”: Turkey Chili

Coach Marin’s Favorite Things: 

Favorite running shoe: Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Favorite cross-training shoe: Nike Free

Favorite workout gear: One Tooth (store at Bayshore) – Reasonable prices, free hemming, and nice clothes!

Favorite workout: 5k fun runs! They are a great way to meet people and to support different organizations/charities – interspersed with High Intensity Interval Training at Achieve!

Favorite workout music/band: Motion City Soundtrack

Favorite food: SPINACH – I always have a bag on hand – it is easy to add to EVERYTHING. I put it in my omelet every morning and make a spinach salad almost every day. It is a good idea to get a variety of cooked and raw vegetables since some nutrients are more accessible when the food is cooked.

Coach Jojo’s Favorite Things:

Favorite Food:  My egg white omelette with spinach, zucchini, red pepper, and mushrooms!!

Favorite Workout Music:  Lady Gaga

Favorite Workout: Where the sweat keeps pouring and it kills while you are doing it but you feel so

accomplished after!!

Coach Joanna’s Favorite Things:

Workout gear: Garmin heart rate monitor

Workout apparel: Lululumon groove pants

Gear: iPod with awesome tunes!

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