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How to Fit Exercise and Healthy Eating Into a Busy Schedule

You know you want to eat healthy but when you’re so busy running from home to work and back, how do you do it? Is it even possible with so much going on? What about trying to lose weight too? You can lose weight while keeping a busy schedule but it does require extra planning and foresight. The most difficult part to manage is fitting exercise into the day but with just a few small changes it can be done.

The people who are most successful at weight loss all have some characteristics in common. First, they all include regular exercise in their schedules, regardless of how busy the day may be. Exercise is necessary to burn calories and fat, and one dash up the stairs isn’t going to do it. For maximum fat burn you should exercise a minimum of 45 minutes per day and more would be excellent. Small group training anyone? If you schedule as an appointment with yourself, you will commit to it!

In terms of diet, the change that most busy workers need to make is to avoid fast food. Double cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes are all heavily laden with fat, calories, and sodium – three things that will slow your weight loss effort down fast. Instead, eat a diet that is balanced and nutritious with a minimum of saturated fat, simple sugars and sodium. One easy way to make a diet change is to eat only organic. There are thousands of delicious organic options available and an organic-only diet naturally delivers you from the vast majority of fatty junk foods. Add plenty of vegetables and salads to your menu as well as regular protein for a giant boost to your weight loss program.

Just how do you do this?
To lessen the temptation of purchasing fast food, there are many accessible foods you can substitute. One thing you can try is once-a-week cooking. Once-a-week cooking is where you make enough meals ahead to last for a week. When you do this type of cooking, there is already a meal prepared for you every day when you go home. If your entire family is dieting with you, then this method will work best. Incorporating healthy meals into the lifestyles of your family is a terrific way to influence children to have a healthy lifestyle and not be tempted with unhealthy foods.

In doing the once-a-week cooking, remember to freeze the food you prepare so it won’t spoil right away. In the mornings you can thaw out the food you will be eating that night. And by doing so, you still get a sumptuous meal every night without sacrificing a healthy body.

Be sure to have a sufficient quantity of clean and fresh fruits and vegetables to use as salad ingredients because they make quick lunches for busy people. If these dishes are easily available, it will prevent you from buying high-calorie foods for snacks. Your daily servings of fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables will also be ensured.

You should pre-cut your fruits and vegetables during your free time, then store them in the refrigerator so you can always enjoy a quick snack without spending more time in preparing it. Always have your pre-cut fruits and vegetables on hand so you can get your required five servings per day.

Also, having a supply of yogurt on hand is a brilliant idea. It’s a terrific, quick, and easy dairy-based snack which is conveniently packaged. It’s also a good substitute for other dairy products that contain a lot of fat. Being prepared and having a clear plan will help you be successful with your weight-loss goals. If you have enough food prepared ahead of time, you won?t need to visit the convenience store for high-calorie meals and snacks.

When it comes to transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. There are many different meal plans you can try, but you must also consider the tips above in planning a your meals so you can save your precious time and stick to your plan.
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