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Boot Camp Survey Feedback

We DO read your survey responses to the after camp surveys! We like to respond to a few of the most-repeated comments!

Comment 1: I just wished the cost was a little lower.

We totally understand that times are tough and how you use your money is important to you. Exercise is no longer a luxury but an essential ingredient to the “recipe” of your life. Just like a fantastic meal,  using higher quality ingredients yields a better outcome and overall dish (I love food analogies). We also know that you cannot be the BEST and the cheapest at the same time. Our goal is to offer a second to none boot camp service to you that not only meets the value of what you are paying BUT exceeds your expectations.  We know there are lots of options out there and we strive everyday to give our campers 110%; from unique and ever changing programming; to successful nutrition tidbits that will help bring faster results; to a caring and responsive customer service team and ultra motivating coaching.

Comment #2: Partner work is always fun, but I didn’t feel the excercises with partners were that challenging. Partner work is good because it makes me be a bit more social during bootcamp and it is always fun to meet new people, but I really prefer to just get in my mode and focus on working out vs. working with another person.

Here is the fact ladies; we work harder in groups. Women have a unique quality about us that allows us to concentrate on our own task while encouraging others; must be the nurturing gene. Partner work is a “research based” training protocol that allows us to not only push ourselves harder; but allows us to push someone else hard as we work toward a common goal. In programming each camp, we try to add the most appropriate exercise component for that focus on that day. Sometimes it is small group work, sometimes it is individual work, sometimes landscape, sometimes beach and sometimes it is partner work. Whatever it happens to be; give it your best and know that at the end of EACH and every session you did YOUR darnedest..oh yeah and maybe you helped someone else a little bit too.

Comment #3What did you like least about boot camp? –Sometimes feel uncomfortable with competition.

Our goal is make boot camp a super fun, exciting and effective fitness program in a “non competitive” environment. That is one of the reasons we keep sessions as “all female.” Daily, we encourage each camper to “push their hardest” and “work at their highest level”; that boot camp is not a competition among campers but a competition with yourself. Can you lift heavier? Can you go faster? Our goal is help each camper move toward their goals at the quickest rate. If we ever seem to come across as creating a competitive environment; please know that is NEVER our intention. We are here to help each and every camper…at your own pace!

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