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From Festivals to BallParks – Your Better Eating Options

Hotdogs & Krautphoto © 2008 Jeff Keyzer | more info (via: Wylio)Bathing Suit Bomber: Jumbo Dogs and Large Beers at the ball park.

You don’t have to get the super-sized foot-long, jumbo dog or the largest cup of beer

A jumbo beef hot dog (larger than a foot-long) can contain about a half-pound of meat per dog. That clocks in at around 750 calories and 68 grams of fat depending on the brand (and that doesn’t even include the roll!) Washing that dog down with a tall 16 oz. regular beer will set you back about 200 more calories.

Better Pick: Regular Hot Dogs and Light Beer

Enjoying a regular-sized hot dog (5 to 6 inches) and a small beer are fine. A regular dog on the bun with ketchup, relish and mustard comes in at around 280 calories. Pair it with a 12 oz. light brew for another 100 to 120 calories.

Just make sure you don’t overload the dog with high-cal toppings.

Bathing Suit Bomber: Frozen Cocktails

What’s often popular at these venues are “frozen everything” drinks. They can be fairly high in calories mostly because of the volume. A large frozen margarita can set you back 900 calories! Not to mention the fact that so much alcohol lowers inhibitions, and you start having a “Who cares?” mentality when deciding what to eat.

Better Pick: Mojitos

This refreshing drink has about 170 to 230 calories and is usually made with light rum, lime or lemon juice, club soda, sugar, and fresh mint leaves. Choose the smallest size to save calories and keep from getting inebriated. If you are truly craving a margarita, order a small one on the rocks for a calorie range of 250 to 500 depending on the size. Remember, if you’re thirsty and outside at an all-day concert, alcohol is the most dehydrating beverage you could have, says Grotto. Drink plenty of water to keep from getting parched.

Bathing Suit Bomber: Giant Fried Drumsticks

They’re actually deep-fried turkey legs, and clock in close to 1,000 calories!

Better Pick: Chicken Kabob

Choose grilled foods, like a 4 oz. chicken kabob for 450 calories or a medium-sized corn on the cob (hold the butter) for 77 calories.

Make sure you sit down and eat with a fork and knife because you’re less likely to eat mindlessly.

Bathing Suit Bomber: Funnel Cakes

Funnel cake is a food you definitely want to stay away from.

One 8.3 oz. funnel cake (about the size of a regular paper plate) with powdered sugar is 658 calories.

Better Pick: Cotton Candy

If your sweet tooth is craving something decadent, try cotton candy. It’s pure spun sugar and about 16 calories per teaspoon.

A small (about 1.5 oz.) is around 150 calories. Share with the kids and you’ll eat fewer calories.

Bathing Suit Bomber: Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

Homemade lemonade on a hot summer day sounds refreshing (even healthy!), but this is one of the more deceiving drinks. Quite often, it’s made with sugar water in addition to the fresh-squeezed lemons. Lemonade contains about the same amount of calories as a full-sugared soda. Guzzling a 16 oz. lemonade will set you back 200 to 250 calories and no, this doesn’t count as a serving of “fruit juice.”

Better Pick: Fruit-Flavored Water

Ask for ice water, lemon wedges or slices to squeeze and add artificial sweetener or two sugar packets for a tangy drink between 0 and 30 calories. Or, keep a few sugar-free single-serving drink mixes on hand to add flavor to your water bottle for 0 to 5 calories per serving.

Bathing Suit Bomber: Super-Sized Servings at the Movie Theater

Huge tubs of popcorn and extra-large cups of sugary sodas are tempting because the largest sizes don’t cost much more than the smaller servings. I get that it makes more financial sense to get the larger serving, but if you’re going to do that, get two people to split a drink, and get the bucket that’s shared by all.

A large buttered popcorn at AMC Movie Theatres can have 1,640 calories and 126 g of fat in its 20-cup serving! If you quench your thirst with a “medium” 20 oz. nondiet soda that adds another 250 calories.

Better Pick: Kiddie-Size Combos

At AMC Movie Theatres, a kid-size popcorn without butter has about 300 calories and 20 g of fat. (The buttered version of the kid’s size adds 170 calories and 17 g of fat.)

Bathing Suit Bomber: Fried Finger Foods

Fried appetizers are definitely foods to avoid at the bar. A lot of people get fried zucchini or fried mushrooms, thinking they’re a “healthier” choice. There’s no calorie advantage to eating those foods versus fries or onion rings.

Fried zucchini has about 346 calories for a 5 oz. serving, fried mushrooms have 315 calories for a 5 oz. serving, and onion rings have about 470 calories for a 5 oz. serving.

Better Pick: Veggies

Order a relish or antipasto plate. Munch a few cheese cubes, pickles, olives, or chew on hard, crisp veggies like celery or carrots.

Medium-sized olives are about 4 calories each, small pickle slices are about 1 calorie each, and one cracker-sized slice of cheddar cheese is about 22 calories.

Sources: http://www.prevention.com

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