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What Makes Achieve’s Training Different?

The Future of Strength & Conditioning:
Going Back to our Roots

With “functional” fitness still the “workout of the week,” not all fitness professionals and coaches remember the importance of transferring conditioning regimens into sports and everyday life. At Achieve we do remember and utilize this kind of fitness regimen in all our programming: boot camp, small group and semi private. When we accomplish this, it is called whole body integration.

This is a style of training where the entire body is utilized to either move or stabilize. The concept of “shifting” is added to these exercises in order to maximize the carryover into a sport or daily activity. Shifting involves moving a load through the field of gravity instead of against it. For example, when you workout in a typical gym, you only lift the weights. With shifting, you not only lift the weight, but you walk and move with the weight as well. This can mimic such daily activities as setting the table, or moving furniture.

Also, incorporating exercises that utilize all three planes of motion is becoming mainstream with progressive fitness training. For example, what is typically called “working out” a farmer or construction worker would call “chores.” Not only are these workers lifting, but they are also twisting and bending as they perform their activities.

An example of an exercise in a workout could be holding a non bouncy medicine ball while stepping up on a step bench. Next, lift the back leg with the knee up in the air. Once the base leg is balanced with the other leg up, rotate the medicine ball away from the back leg. Return the medicine ball back to the center and step off the platform.

These exercises are super for most people…but not for everyone… they may help those who do perform them to reduce injuries with daily activities. Keep you eyes open for FREE small group sessions and help those you know and care about, get back to their roots.”

Brown, Kyle, CSCS. Using Whole Body Integrated Multi-Planar Exercises for Baseline Conditioning: Experience the Future of Conditioning by Going Back to our Roots. NSCA’s Performance Training Journal. Vol. 10, Issue 1, 2011 pp. 6-7.

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