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The Benefits of Youth Conditioning and Local Spots for Your Kids to Get Active This Summer!

Faith on Rock Wall_2888photo © 2010 James Emery | more info (via: Wylio) Many children may say that the physical conditioning part of playing a sport is their least favorite part. However, there are major benefits to regular physical conditioning. Coaches and parents should encourage their children to condition every day, even outside of regularly scheduled practices. Parents can help the coach, and their child, by ensuring the coach’s conditioning requirements are met. If a child is not involved in a regular sport, parents should make even more of an effort to encourage physical conditioning activities. Many kids today have led a sedentary lifestyle and may not be in very good shape. By enforcing physical conditioning, not only will children be more apt to join team sports, but they will be healthier overall!

Physical conditioning involves such activities as running (sprints and long distance), stair stepping, weight lifting (age appropriate), core conditioning, pushups, pullups, and situps, etc. It involves total body cardiovascular training and short burst of higher intensity activity!

Here are five benefits of physical conditioning:

1. It encourages mental toughness – by sticking to a routine and a schedule, kids are demonstrating their commitment. This can last a lifetime.

2. It helps to prevent injuries – a strong body will withstand the rigors of organized sports. Kids can’t do much when they are injured.

3. It will increase stamina – this is especially important for children focused on team sports.

4. It will increase speed.

5. Youth will have increased confidence, as well as better sports performance. EVERYONE benefits from this byproduct.

At Achieve, we are going to begin offering youth conditioning sessions over the next 6 months. Not only will it be a great activity for your child, but it can enhance their sports regimen.  Competitive athletes and non competitive youth training.

Looking for activities for your children over the summer? Check out some of our favorite spots:

The Urban Ecology Center offers summer camps, canoeing, teen adventure challenges, biking, hiking and much more! Check out their website at www.urbanecologycenter.org for more information.

Sign your children up for Rock Climbing Camp at Adventure Rock.

The YMCA offers day camps and overnight camps chock full of healthy activities for your children.

Go hiking or sign up for summer camp at the Schlitz Audobon Nature Center.

Sign up for summer camps at Danceworks.

Bike the Hank Aaron State Trail

Rent roller skates at McKinley Arena and skate the water front.

No more excuses from your youngsters that “there is nothing to do” this spring and summer!

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