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Focus On Fitness – Ab Workouts

Fitness Myth: I work out until I am blue in my face but STILL HAVE STOMACH FAT! What do I do?

There is no single answer… because no single exercise alone will help you lose belly fat. And, that includes doing hundreds of crunches!

For example, if you workout every day but then you eat fast foods, fried foods, and processed foods which are high in fat and empty calories (and god knows what else). Guess what? You can workout as much as you want, and you’ll still have a flabby belly! You just can not put all your focus in to working out and ignore nutrition. It doesn’t work that way.

Instead, the most effective way to burn stomach fat is working your body as a whole, including the nutritional component.

• The first and most important step is to eat clean and lean.

• Next, strength-training to build muscle, so it is easier to burn stomach fat.

After lowering your body fat through your nutrition and strength training, then you kick up the intensity with interval training like we do at small group and boot camp.  Research has shown interval training — alternating between low-intensity and high-intensity–is unmatched for fat burning potential. When you workout at a higher intensity level, you burn actual body fat–not just the calories you’ve consumed that day. Plus, by working at a higher intensity level. You stimulate your body’s own natural growth hormones, which burns even more fat, boosts your metabolism, and builds muscle. What’s really wild is your body continues burning more calories hours after your workout. And the best part is, you burn stomach fat faster by working out less! Yet, too many people still do the same, slow even paced 30 to 45 minutes of cardio day in and day out. They assume by doing longer cardio workouts everyday, they’ll burn more fat. Big mistake!

Want to learn more…come to our Expert Nutrition Seminar on Sunday 3/13 at the Indoor FAcility. We will see you at 4 pm.

Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp
4170 N. Port Washington Rd
Glendale, WI 53212

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