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Discounted March Boot Camp!

First Outdoor Bootcamp of 2011! They are back! We LOVE OUTDOOR BOOTCAMPS! Why? The natural terrain, fresh air, taking one hour to clear your head, being outside and getting out all your frustrations… what’s not to love? But don’t just take it from us… read this month’s Motivational Contest Winner’s account of getting to boot camp… if someone is considering pushing a car out of the way by themselves to get to camp, then YOU KNOW IT’S GOOD.

I stepped outside this morning in the wind, rain, and darkness, to jump in the car and make it to the 5:30 A.M. boot camp.  Well, my husband had parked his car behind mine, and I had to move it. (We have a single lane driveway.) Uggh!  I always hate it when he does this!  I get in his car to move it and the battery is dead.  “Oh, no!” I thought.  How in the heck am I going to get to boot camp?  Many options ran through my mind.  I could go back to bed. But, no, I was already up and wanted to work out.  I could go for a run.  But no, I didn’t have my I Pod, and didn’t feel like running.  I told myself I have to get to boot camp!

I thought about pushing my husband’s car out of the way. (I have actually pushed a car at boot camp.) But no, there was no one to steer it.  At last, a solution.  My bike!  Yes, I can ride my bike to boot camp in the wind, rain, and darkness through the construction zone.  As the rain pelted against my face and I headed down Capitol Drive, all the mantras from Catherine kept running through my head – you can do anything you put your mind to, you are strong, rain and wind are not an obstacle for a great work out.

Yes, I made it to boot camp 10 minutes late.  I was already warmed up and ready to go, and YES, I HAD AN AWESOME WORK OUT!!  Thanks, Catherine.  There are NO EXCUSES!

Haven’t been to boot camp in a while? $20 off for our return campers… come on back!

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