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Are You Scared to Be Thin?

dsc03274photo © 2008 Γιώργος σιγά μην πω… | more info (via: Wylio) While the title of this post may seem a bit ludicrous, weight loss issues are often attributed to fear of stepping outside your comfort zone.

But why, you ask? How can you be scared to be something that you strive for? Well, because any change can be scary!

•    Maybe you’re afraid your husband or wife will be jealous and angry because you’ve lost the weight and they have not.

•    Maybe you’re afraid your friends won’t like you as much because you’ve changed your habits.  Maybe they’re struggling with their weight and would be jealous of you; or perhaps they’re thin and they prefer having you be heavy so that people are more attracted to them.

•    Maybe you come from a family of heavy people, you’ve always been overweight, and you just can’t imagine life being different.

•    Change is scary and you are comfortable with you NOW. You can anticipate and know people’s responses to you. You know how to operate in this body you are in. What will people’s reactions be to you down the road if you change?

The solution?  Be a Warrior.  Now is the time to claim what YOU want in life. Everyone is afraid of change to some degree. It can be anxiety producing and scary. It’s normal and it’s human. But be a warrior.  A warrior fights for what he or she wants and deserves.

You have to decide what you are going to allow to define your life: your fears or your dreams.  You deserve the health and the happiness you want- but you have to claim it.  It’s okay not to take on other people’s issues.  Let them work through their own stuff while you focus on yours.

Your job is to claim your power by being at your best, pursuing your happiness and being as healthy as you can be.  This week pick one new thing to work towards. Better eating? More workouts? Focus on one new thing that you can control and commit to. For one week!

Maybe you want to dig into the deeper stuff. Examining your beliefs and routines that are holding you back can be healthy. Once you become aware of your patterns, then you can start to interrupt those patterns and replace with other, more healthy behaviors. Some of this stuff is really embedded and simply takes work to pry loose. If you are not getting to your goals, you have to keep working at it.

Remember, the more you work at it, the better your odds are. Why not stack the deck in your favor?

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