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The Power of Positive Thinking

065/365: Show us your smile!photo © 2008 Ben Smith | more info (via: Wylio) Snowy days, busy lives, new semesters, extra work projects, lack of sunshine… and we are supposed to ignore the couch and head out the door to workout? Tough, isn’t it?

And really, in the end, barring illness or complete exhaustion, it boils down to mind over matter. You can talk yourself out of anything just as easily as you can talk yourself into something. That is the bottom line. How many times have you known you shouldn’t have dessert but talked yourself into it because you found a way to justify it? What about not going to workout because you found an excuse that justified you staying on the couch?

It is all in your mind. Think back 100 years ago. People farmed, hiked, built and did manual labor without thinking twice about it. Long days of exercise, work and toil simply to LIVE. And you are going to justify skipping 1 hour worth of exercise because you are too tired or you think your body can’t handle it? You are wrong. You will be surprised by the capacity your body has to withstand abuse (exercise, harmful elements, toxins).

So, we go back to the power of positive thinking. Do not let yourself talk yourself out of exercise or a healthy lifestyle.  Studies show that the success (or failure) of an exercise routine has much more to do with thoughts and attitude than you might think. It takes practice, but replacing that negative voice with a positive one is easier than you think. Once you change your mind, your body will follow. Remind yourself of the good and ignore the negative voice that talks you out of your goals. Remember, sticking to a workout routine depends heavily on your attitude.

You have the power to change that. If you can stick it out for six months, this positive thinking will become a part of who you are versus “what you do.” You will begin to have the identity and mentality of an exerciser.

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