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The Benefits of Consistency

Ask A Runner - 55photo © 2010 lululemon athletica | more info (via: Wylio) Confidence is a funny thing. We can feel great on one day of training, and then feel like we have made no progress on the next.  In our emerging society of instant gratification we seem to want results NOW.  But unfortunately, things don’t work this way. Maybe you have one great workout and think WOW, I am so strong and fast, and the next day, a bad workout and are ready to give up. There are strong reasons supporting consistency in lifestyle and working out:

1. Consistency breeds strength and endurance. You will not grow stronger, faster, or gain more endurance if you do not keep working at it. Simple enough. It will not happen by you sitting on the couch. Be it bad days or good days at a workout, you are still making positive changes to your body even if you don’t see it on some days. Being consistent in your exercise routine will produce positive results if you give it time.

2. Consistency in sleep will support your goals. Setting a sleep routine will make a world of difference in your workouts, your weight loss goals, as well as building your immune system. You cannot expect to perform at your optimum level if you are constantly logging in less than 6 hours of sleep a night. The only thing you will consistently be setting yourself up for is failure. Multiple studies show a strong link between a consistent sleep pattern and weight loss, as well as performing at your optimal level when working out. Make sleep your priority.

3. Consistency in nutrition will fuel your body. So you eat healthy all week and blow it on the weekend. Ever notice how crappy you feel on Monday morning? Lethargic and cranky? Yeah, that’s all the bad food. And you want to talk yourself into a workout? Right. So begins the bad cycle of being lazy and eating poorly. Food is fuel. You can set your body up for optimum choices or for failure.

4: Consistency will change your lifestyle. When you establish a pattern of working out you will find that you just except that you work it into your schedule. It becomes habit and you will schedule other things around your workouts, not the other way around.

5. Consistency will send signals to your support system. If you workout daily, you send signals to your friends and family that you place value on these workouts. Instead of easily blowing off a workout for happy hour or a family party, you can just say that you will meet them later and since they are used to your daily workouts they will be more understanding.

6. Consistency will send signals to you. Above all else, being consistent will send a message to yourself. When you miss a workout or eat poorly, your body will let you know. The more consistently you do something, the more it becomes an ingrained habit. Why not set yourself up for success?

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