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How to Stay Motivated After the Initial New Year’s Rush!

Post-It Motivationphoto © 2010 Amy | more info (via: Wylio) It’s the new year. For many of you, you may have renewed your determination to exercise frequently and eat healthy foods. And you are all about it until about the third or fourth week. So how do you stay motivated after the initial rush? Read on:

1. Identify the excuses you like to use and have a ready made response. If time is an issue, make sure your workout clothes are ready to go. If you have young children, get a good jogging stroller or set up a babysitting swap with another mom in your neighborhood: you can watch her children while she works out and vice versa.

2. Make sure you have the right gear, which can make all the difference in the comfort level of your workout. A good pair of shoes is essential. And weather resistant clothing or a boot camp memberships can help you fight off your own excuses when weather conditions are less than ideal.

3. Recognize that your will to exercise is going to fluctuate, and exercise anyway. Sometimes it helps if I promise myself that I can stop my workout after 10 minutes if I still want to. At that point, I’m usually feeling so much better that I finish the workout.

4. Place a giant star on your calendar each day to indicate that you completed your workout. These visual rewards can be so motivating.

5. Keep it interesting. Why do you think our camps and classes change so much? You add zest to your workout and avoid the exercise plateau by increasing the intensity or the duration of your workout, or by trying a new workout or sport.

6. Try not to take more than one day off at a time. I have found this really important to avoid losing valuable momentum. If I take two days off, it becomes very easy to take another day, and then another day. That means that if your workout is only part of your weekday routine, weave it into your weekend routine, too.

7. Schedule a regular workout time where everyone in your life, including yourself, knows that you are working out.

8. Workout with a friend.  Studies show that fitness buddies make a huge difference in commitment. Make friends at classes and camps and you will be surprised by how that accountability inspires you to go. Guess what, your coaches are looking for you too!

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