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Foods that Ward off Hunger.

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Having trouble warding off the 3 p.m. hunger pains? Start paying attention to the food you are eating. Is it any surprise that those high in fiber or protein are going to make the list? Read on for your top filling foods.

1. White potatoes. Yup, a simple baked potato goes a long way towards keeping you full. (Not loaded with cheese, butter and sour cream!)  Potatoes are one of the most filling foods, and keep you sated three times longer than the average food. But beware: Studies show that fatty fried potatoes like chips and French fries weren’t as satisfying and will not fill you up in the same manner. Keep it simple, keep it healthy.

2. Eggs. We’ve told you to up the protein for it’s wonderful ability to help in muscle repair after a workout. But did you also know that studies have proven confirmed it plays a huge role in satiety. Researchers at the University of Washington found that people who eat a 30 percent protein diet ate 441 calories less each day than those on a 15 percent protein diet.

3. Hot oatmeal. Not sugar-filled, candy coated brands. But your basic quaker oats? It is one of the most satisfying breakfast cereals as it provides more protein per serving than any other grain as well as a good dose of fiber. Try it with some greek yogurt and stay full all morning!

4. Beans. Once again, high fiber! Research shows that high-fiber foods are processed slower and last longer in the stomach, resulting in a feeling full longer. Try out some lean turkey chili recipes that pack a bunch with a variety of beans.

5. Fish. While some fish are not the most filling, cooked whitefish has been proven to keep you full! For best results, steam or grill a thick whitefish, such as cod, bass, or halibut.

6. Soup. Research from Pennsylvania State University found that dieters who ate soup two times per day were more successful in losing weight and maintained, on average, a total weight loss of 16 pounds after 1 year. Chunky, broth-based soups, such as chicken and vegetable, are most filling. Keep in mind that soups are often very high in sodium, so pay attention to your intake or the kind of brands you buy. Look for lower sodium and those that have a noodle or rice, look for brown rice and whole wheat!

7. Apples. An apple a day provides an excellent source of fiber as well as providing a feeling of fullness. High water content may be the reason. Foods that contain water have more bulk and a lower energy density — meaning you get more food for less calories.

8. Beef. Packed with protein and micronutrients like iron and zinc, a little beef goes a long way. Partner beef with a high-fiber side dish like wild rice or bulgur and you can close the kitchen after dinner. Think lean beef such as flank steak for dinner options.

9. Salad. Salad is an excellent starter to a meal. Not only does it provide bulk and fill you up, but it is an excellent source of fiber and other nutrients. Further, studies show that those who ate salad prior to meals took in less calories throughout the day.

10. Popcorn. A great snack that provides bulk, popcorn keeps your mouth moving longer than the same amount of calories of other snacks like potato chips or pretzels. Try air popped with a low amount of salt.

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