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The Commercial Workout!

vintage televisionphoto © 2007 phrenzee | more info (via: Wylio)If you are one of those people who like to watch The Biggest Loser while relaxing on the couch with a snack… and then feel horribly guilty for doing so; we have a workout for you. We know you have heard the recommendation to workout during commercials, or while watching  your entire program. But unless your treadmill is directly in front of a t.v. I have a feeling that most of you stay prone on the couch during your favorite shows.  In order to combat that, I offer you the commercial workout.

Print this out and try it. Two Hours of t.v. and you will fit in almost 45 minutes of cardio. Not bad, huh?

Clear the space around your couch. When a commercial comes on, consult your list and do the designated exercise. Commercials run about 30 seconds so it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with the list prior to beginning. Do the exercise for the duration of the commercial and switch when the next commercial comes on.

Commercial Type Exercise
Car/Automobile Jumping Jacks
Beauty Burpees
Food Squats
Restaurants Mountain Climbers
Insurance Crunches
Computer Pop Squats
Local Events Split Squat
Sports/Sporting Goods Mountain Men
Electronics/Stores Plank Hold
Political Scissor Kicks
Health Care Bicycles

Good luck! And feel free to send suggestions for other exercises/commercials! We will add them to the list.

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