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How to Get Back on Track After a Long Weekend

stuff your facephoto © 2007 nick wiesner | more info (via: Wylio)For those of you who may have slipped off your routine this past weekend (ahem!)… that’s ok! The biggest thing that you want to focus on is acknowledging you went off your routine and instead of beating yourself up over it; renew your commitment to moving forward with your healthy eating and exercise program.

We all have times where we let go, eat too much, don’t exercise, or engage in unhealthy activities. It is vitally important, however, that you do not let this turn into a backslide for you. Consider it a minor bump in the road and follow these tips to re-commit yourself to your goals.

1). The next day after a long weekend binge? Exercise! Always, always, always get back into your exercise routine. More importantly, make sure to add weight lifting to the routine. Weight lifting will help your body to burn more calories throughout the duration of your workout. Exercise will jump start your metabolism and help you to start burning calories throughout the day.

2) Tea! Many studies have shown that high levels of green tea are an aid in weight loss. However, just drinking a few cups of green or oolong tea will help you to detox your system. Tea also plays a large role in reducing cravings throughout the day. And as anyone who has gone off track with their eating knows… the more you eat bad food, the more you will crave it. Drink tea and cut down on those cravings!

3) Think healthy. Commit yourself to a healthy mindset. Envision yourself as a healthier version of you. Think about how great healthy foods taste or how good your body feels when you feed it well. What about the major boost of energy that comes from eating well and a great round of exercise?

4) Focus on significantly upping your protein intake. After a weekend of indulgence, your body can handle a reduction in carbs. Lots of lean meats, protein shakes, and vegetarian protein sources will help you cut down on cravings and keep your body in check.

5). Water. Gallons of it if you can!

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