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But I’m Just Too Tired to Exercise!

026/365 - addictedphoto © 2009 Keirsten Balukas | more info (via: Wylio)Sound familiar? Sure, it is easy to talk yourself out of a workout. Perhaps it is because you had a long day? What about those who have been super busy sitting behind a computer all day? While you may be mentally wiped out, I doubt you are physically!

The Myth

If you worked a full day, you don’t have the energy to exercise.  Somehow, work sapped away all your will to move and now you can do nothing but sit on the couch.  Oh look… your favorite show is on!

The Truth

There are two things that power your body, calories and sleep.  If you don’t get enough sleep, fix it.  Go to bed earlier or adjust your sleeping position so you don’t snore as much.  If you do get enough to sleep then saying you’re too tired to work out is just an excuse.

The Truth

Remember calories?  Those little units of energy that you’re trying to work off?  If you were really out of energy, that would mean you had expanded all of your calorie reserves.  So, do you still have some extra weight on you? Guess what? Those are energy reserves. You’re not out of energy and you’re not too tired to work.  Don’t let your MIND talk you out of something that your body says is actually ok.

Ask people who work out if they feel tired after exercise.  Ask them if they feel worn down or out of energy.  The truth is that most people feel like they have more energy after working out, not less.  They feel invigorated and refreshed.  That’s because physical activity tells your body to perk up.  You’re telling your metabolism “hey!  I need energy right now, so wake up and start working!”  Your body responds by upping your energy levels and you feel refreshed.  Try it yourself.  Next time you get home and you feel too tired to exercise? Try taking a walk. You may be surprised how good you feel after a simple walk.


The truth is that you’re not too tired to exercise and you’re not too tired to do something physically active.  You’re tired because you don’t do anything physical.  You’re tired because you’ve gotten used to sitting on the couch. Time to get active! Whatever it takes, do it.  Get active and stay active.  You’ll see some dramatic differences in your energy levels and you will rarely (if ever!) utter the words “I’m just too tired to exercise!” Think how many times you have been at class and said “Gosh, I’m tired today.” Sure you are, but you are still here and working out… and that is all that matters!

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