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Does Increasing Your Water Intake Really Help You Lose Weight?

Glass of Waterphoto © 2007 Greg Riegler | more info (via: Wylio)Many of you may have heard that it is smart to drink a full glass of water before eating a meal. Not only smart, but that it will aid in your weight loss goals. The belief is that water will fill you up and reduce your hunger cravings, thus regulating your portion size as you dig into lunch.

Recent studies have confirmed that, yes, on average, dieters over a three  month period, who drank water before a meal lost up to five pounds more than those who didn’t. That is 5 extra pounds in 3 months simply for drinking water!! Other studies have found a 13% reduction of caloric intake for those who drank water prior to a meal.

While we have always raved about the benefits of water in helping muscle recovery, fatigue, decreasing headaches, and all of its other numerous benefits, it is nice to finally have clinical support behind the adage of drinking water prior to a meal.

For those of you who are struggling with your nutrition goals or have set a weight loss goal for yourself, what a simple way to help yourself out. We all drink water at some point every day, right? Why not make sure you have your two cups directly before each meal (even a half hour before) and pay attention to how much you eat during your meal. You may start to notice that you eat less. And if something as simple as drinking some water prior to a meal can reduce portions and help you on your path to weight loss, I say… it would almost be stupid not to do this!

Write yourself little reminders, place notes on your refrigerator or desk, or even pop up reminders on your phone and desk. Not only do we support drinking at least a gallon of water a day, but why not strategize about when you are drinking that water? If timing is going to make a difference in your weight loss… then why not?

On a side note, for those of you over 35, there was a significant difference in caloric reduction and weight loss by those who consumed two cups of water prior to a meal. Currently, they are unsure of the reason behind those findings, but if you are over 35, it may be smart to make a significant effort towards drinking two cups of water prior to your meals!

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