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Boot Camp Survey Feedback – Constructive Critique Reviews



After each boot camp session, we send out a camper survey. We know there is always room to improve our offering to you and YOU are the best at telling how we can do that.  We love your praises and feel flattered and honored at how generous your comments are. We love compliments, don’t get me wrong, those reinforce what we are doing right. But we THRIVE on honesty and constructive feedback! Recently, we received a few critiques that we thought would make sense to respond to so you KNOW we truly do listen to what you say and react accordingly. And sometimes we are able to use it as an educational opportunity as well. Read below to see what I mean:

1)…”I feel we did waste time at the beginning of class going over all the exercises”…We agree, there is no standing around in boot camp. But sometimes it is necessary to review new exercises or exercises we may have not done for awhile. Our goal is to always keep things moving and we do a pretty good job at that but every so often the pace may slow down just a bit when we need to give more instruction for safety and form.

2) …”Sometimes felt like we were doing the same things day after day, mostly in the warm ups and cool down phases”…One of the many unique aspects of Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp is the variety of each day where no two days are ever the same.  As coaches and personal trainers, there are only so many corrective, joint and muscle specific exercises and stretches that we MUST use in order to prepare all campers sufficiently for the upcoming workout and cool down segments. Because of this, it may seem like we repeat certain warm ups, stretches or cool down moves. We are constantly researching and learning the latest training techniques and will always implement those as much as possible but there are also some really super tried and true stretches and warm up protocols that are just too specific for us NOT to use regularly. Camper safety first!

3) …”Class size was way to big…for the price of a personal trainer, a class size of 40-50 is too big”…Our goal is to make sure that our campers have the advantage of working with both certified personal trainers as well as certified boot camp coaches and that they are always working out in a safe environment. This is another unique offering that we pride ourselves in and use to promote our service. Certified boot camp coaches have been trained not just in body bio mechanics but also in group class organization and camper safety protocols. We have over 75% camper retention which allows the coaches to glance at and verbally reinforce the correct form of repeat campers while really honing on the form of those that need more specific help. The going personal trainer rate is anywhere from $45-$125 per session. For less than $20 per session, campers have the advantage of having one qualified and experienced coach per every 20- 30 campers. This has been a very successful offering for the ABC business model as well as a super economic way for campers to have the best of both worlds. We will continue to monitor camp size to make sure all campers have the personal attention we are known for.

4)…”Partner work and group fitness games bother me because I feel they are a waste of time”…We have heard concerns from both sides on this one. Those campers who are still “getting fit” feel that they hold their partners back…those who are fit or are more advanced feel that they get held back. We do understand many ladies coming to boot camp in the morning want to get in, get a kick butt workout and get out. Socializing and camaraderie maybe not be high on their “to do” list and that is ok. One of the unique qualities though about all-female boot camps is the support and encouragement that women provide each other, more so than in co-ed groups. And hey, who are we to argue with mother nature. Group games are a fun and still quite challenging way to add variety to boot camp warm ups or to break up some pretty tough circuits. Partner work is a fantastic way for ladies to push each other on a personal level.  Boot Camp is a non competitive environment. New campers are pushed by repeat or advanced campers and more advanced campers can still get a kick butt workout by pushing their hardest WHILE supporting their partner. This is a very “team” oriented protocol. The variety we provide is truly one of the most unique aspects to Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp. BUT, we will take this into account as we program boot camp sessions heading in 2011 and will make sure to schedule fewer group and partner days.

5) …”Boot camp and small group is kind of expensive; it is hard to justify paying that much each month when I can pay $45 for a gym membership instead”… We understand that you can only spend your money once. Our goal is to be the best value for the service we provide. One client recently commented that “even though the cost is more than a typical monthly gym membership, we love that it keeps us accountable to our goals, kicks our butts and helps us live a healthy lifestyle…I could easily spend $200-$300 a month going out each Friday buying crappy food and drinks that make me feel icky and look bad…”  The Achieve Personal Fitness, Inc. indoor facility and Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp is focused on being the best “results-oriented” hybrid fitness facility and boot camp in the state. We continue to gather, train and create a top-notch coaching and administrative team, second to none.  We are also one of the more expensive fitness facilities and boot camps in town (but not THE most expensive). This is by choice. Poor service, poor staff and poor client results are all part of being a cheaply priced facility and boot camp. To our way of doing business, you can’t be the best and the cheapest at the same time. When you compare a typical “gym” to our services, you are comparing apples to oranges. A gym membership is really just “renting” machinery and if that is all a member wants, than they are correct, we are too expensive. A client MUST value the full service we provide – whether it be boot camp, small group or semi private coaching.  We’re proud of what we do and feel that if we’re given a chance you’ll want to do business with us. We value results AND our clients! If there is any way we can provide a better service, please let us know. Our goal is to be the best hour our clients day, EVERYDAY!

PLEASE keep sending us your feedback, we use it to continually offer you the best boot camp experience possible!
Coach Catherine

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