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Your Fitness Goal: It’s as Easy as… Climbing A Mountain???

El Capitan Climbersphoto © 2010 Greg Flinchbaugh | more info (via: Wylio)Did you think we were going to say riding a bike? Not quite. You may be saying… but climbing a mountain is hard! And, it takes a lot of preparation and mental focus. Yup.

The thing about climbing a mountain is that not only does it take a phenomenal amount of research, work, and commitment; it also doesn’t happen overnight. How do people do it? One step at a time. Do you think they are overwhelmed and terrified when they first take it on? Of course.

Your fitness goal probably seems the same way to you. Huge, overwhelming, and a ton of work. You have to remind yourself that it will not happen over night. We tell you this over and over. Allow yourself the time to change. It will take time. One step at a time.

As any mountain climber will tell you, you must map your route. Begin by mapping your goals and milestones, be they big or small, along the way to your final goal. By making a plan, you will take some of the weight of the HUGE FINAL GOAL off your shoulders and it will seem less intimidating. So be it lifting more weight in class, losing a few pounds, or beating a previous workout time, write these goals down.

Visualizing success should be a huge component of your journey. Mountain climbers all but FEEL the top of the mountain they are so focused on their ultimate goal. Try to adopt the same mentality when focusing on your fitness goals.

Once your plan is in place and you can visualize your success, write a contract for yourself. Silly? Maybe, but it helps to get it down.

Here is a sample:

Contract to Success

I (name) pledge to myself on (date) to take on the challenge of (your goal) to be achieved on or by (date). I have chosen this exciting challenge because (list 1-5 reasons) and anticipate that sticking with my plan and achieving my goal will make me feel (1-5 things). I know my personal obstacles may be (list obstacles) and will combat them by (list how to destroy them). I have told (names of people) in my life who I can count on for support and enthusiasm to get me through tough times and celebrate my success. I promise to reward myself with (1-5 things) for every milestone that I meet along the way (list milestones – mini-goals).  I promise not to beat myself up if I get briefly detoured, but to use my support system, stay true to myself and get back on track quickly.  Upon achieving my goal, I will celebrate by (list your dream celebration). I will remind myself daily that I can do this.



Adapted from: Oxygen Magazine (Off the Couch)

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