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Why try Small Group and Semi-Private Training?

Hello Campers and Challengers!

We have been getting a ton of questions lately about the direction that Achieve Personal Fitness is heading in. And guess what? This direction ROCKS.

For our devoted boot campers… we will always have boot camp. Always! We LOVE boot camp and we know you do too. However, we realize that some of our other clients love small group training and semi-private options. So, we figured, why not offer several divisions of our company that will appeal to all of our clients? This is the wave of the future, a new, hybrid fitness service!

So for those of you who have tried boot camp, but are looking for something a little different, why not come try out some of our free small group sessions this week? Or just read these following reasons why some of our clients prefer small group:

“I thought 45 minutes wouldn’t be enough time to get a solid workout, but we never stop moving! What an amazing total body work out!”

“I have never seen such definition in my arms or abs before!”

“I love knowing that I get my strongest workouts done in under an hour. I would NEVER accomplish this on my own in the gym!”

“Let’s face it, the gym is cheaper, and I never see results. I don’t even think twice about the gym now because I have a hands on trainer and a new program designed for me daily. This experience is ridiculously awesome!”

Need we say more? Come check it out!

Or, register here.  **Please note that we would prefer these sessions be filled first by those who haven’t had the opportunity to experience small group training yet!**

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