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Build Your Confidence!

Your brain is like a muscle, and therefore, you must train it to perform. By keeping your mind on target and your confidence levels high, you can achieve peak performance, both during workouts and in your daily activities.

So how do you achieve a high level of confidence? Practice mindfulness. For those of you who may think it sounds a little “out there,” give it a chance.  Try these tips to refocus your mind on where you want to be on your path towards your goals.

Check Your Body Out

Take a moment before you workout (or begin any daily challenging task) and pay attention to how you feel. It is important to become more attuned to how you feel on a moment to moment basis.

Set an Intention

What is your intent in exercising? Or taking on that challenging goal at work? Don’t just do it to do it. Know exactly why you are exercising, and further, why you are exercising right now. Set a clear intention for each individual workout, as opposed to a greater overall goal of losing weight or getting stronger. Focus on each individual workout and what you want to accomplish right now.

Stop the Negative Thoughts

Recent studies show that people who workout and don’t feel the need to suppress negative thoughts are more likely to stick to a program. So the next time you have negative thoughts, instead of dwelling on them or over-analyzing them, just let them fly on by. Don’t even waste your time on them.

Get a Mantra

A mantra is a phrase that you can repeat to yourself and helps you keep focused in the moment. “I am strong,” usually works.

Practice Positive Day-dreaming

No, this doesn’t mean dreaming about what you will do with your winning lottery ticket. Instead, take a couple minutes to think about your workout later in the day. Try to experience the feelings you will have during your workout and address them now. That way, when you get to the challenging part of your workout, you have already reviewed it and addressed it ahead of time.

Make a LET IT GO list.

Many people begin their exercise journey with a lot of baggage and hurt feelings. Let that negativity go. Make an actual list of past hurts and perceived wrongs and failures, and let it all go. Start with a fresh outlook and be determined to succeed.

Build on Your Early Successes

Write down when you reach your little goals. Did great at a workout? Write it down. Can you lift more weight than before? Write it down. Reflect on how it feels to get something right and use that energy to help you to achieve your next change.

Make Exercise a YES or NO Question.

Don’t let your brain create too much drama for you. For example, if you are in the middle of exercising outside and come to a huge hill say something like “YES, I will climb this hill,” or “NO, I will NOT let this hill intimidate me.” That’s it. You don’t need to think about it anymore and you just do it.

Campers and Challengers, it is time to train your brain! Don’t let negative mental energy hold you down. Become more in tune with the power of your mind and the ability you have to PROPEL YOURSELF FORWARD!

Adapted from: Oxygen Magazine, Judi Ketteler

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