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Motivation. Commitment. Focus. Determination.

Motivation. Commitment. Focus. Determination. We understand that this is a hard path, Campers. We do. And we are so very proud of you for committing to a healthier lifestyle. And since we do know how hard it is… how about a few motivational tips to keep you going strong over the weekend?

Here is a fun tidbit to remember the next time you contemplate skipping a workout: Exercise will give you more energy, not make you tired all the time.  You may claim that you’re too tired to exercise. Actually, your lack of exercise may be responsible for making you feel that way. Even normally active individuals who take a few weeks off from exercise begin to feel more sluggish, lethargic, and unmotivated to exercise.

What if you had planned to get to a class and you see it is packed full? Or were contemplating a run outside and the weather isn’t on your side? Always have an exercise backup plan. When the rain pours on your exercise parade… don’t just give up. In that case, you may forego your exercise if you don’t already have a backup plan for being active, such as walking in the mall or doing an alternate activity like an exercise video at home that day. Plan ahead for contingencies.

Not going to exercise is certainly not going to make you stronger. If you don’t use it, you lose it.
Exercise improves your health, your strength, your immune system, and your overall wellbeing. Some may consider age itself to be an exercise barrier. What you don’t use, you lose, though, so fight back and prevent some of the decline just by being physically active.

Make exercising as convenient as a drive-through. Exercising can be inconvenient. This is why MABC offers different classes throughout the day. Can’t make a class? In that case, you may have to commit to dusting off that exercise equipment you have stashed away and using it. No exercise equipment? Don’t tell me you haven’t learned to do squats, lunges, pushups, and sit ups in boot camp! If nothing else, use the time that you’re exercising at home to also watch your favorite TV show or catch up on your reading.

Exercise one step at a time. The most common excuse for not exercising on a regular basis is lack of time, so stop thinking of exercise as only planned activities and instead simply try to move more all day long. A big chunk of your calorie use during the day can come from these types of unstructured activities. If you need a visual reminder, wear an inexpensive pedometer as a simple way to motivate yourself to take those steps.

Check around for fun activities in your community. Can’t bring yourself to get to the gym on the weekends? Try something new. Join a volleyball league, or a try a new class. How about taking up ballroom dancing or yoga classes? All activities count, and doing anything is better than doing nothing. Remember, we have great hiking trails around Wisconsin as well!

Adopt an exercise buddy. You don’t have to exercise alone! Make friends with someone new in your classes. It is motivating to know that someone is looking out for you to be at your workouts! Get yourself a reliable exercise buddy (even a friend not in classes who will work out with you on the weekends!) An exercise buddy increases your likelihood of showing up and also makes your activities more fun. Having a good social network to support your exercise habit will help your adherence over the long run.

Reward your progress. Who says that stickers and treats are just for kids? Keep track of your progress, and reward yourself. 

Put your exercise down on your calendar. Actually schedule your exercise by writing it down in your schedule or calendar like you would for other appointments or activities. Break up your larger goals into stepping-stone goals, like smaller goals by the day, week, and month, and if you miss one of your goals, try to make the rest of them happen anyway.

Sources: Sheri Colberg-Ochs, Ph.D.


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