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MABC Boot Camp 2011 – Small Group and Semi-Private Memberships

Over the past few years we have done a great deal of camper and client surveys and research. We truly thrive on feedback and we know that our clients have the best ideas on what products and services they want and need. It is our goal to constantly be upgrading what we do best in order to serve our clients and the community.  Boot camp is a super effective workout and we will continue to offer those fun, motivating and variety-filled sessions BUT in 2011 you will have even more registration options.
We are adding two new “boot camp” memberships to include more of the things YOU said you would like. 3-month VIP and 12-month Elite membership discounts. These will include many of the great benefits of Platinum Membership but no need to pay in advance. Both new offerings will include: register one time for the year, that’s it; all 2011 camps paid via monthly draw from a credit card (no more checks to write or cash to worry about); FREE VIP or ELITE gift with membership; bulk pricing discount (3-month is $15 off each month; 12-month is a full camp for free) along with all the extras each camper receives with every boot camp. This allows campers to really make a commitment to their fitness and nutrition by registering once and letting us do the rest…oh yeah and receive 12 months of kick your butt workouts!
You may have also recently read about the success of our Skinny Jeans Small Group Challenge. These sessions have been the “brain child” of not only what the fitness industry has confirmed as the next step in fitness success BUT also what your feedback has asked us to offer. Shorter, tougher, smaller group-oriented and indoor workouts. You asked, you got it. One of our Core Values at Achieve Personal Fitness, Inc. is to be constant learners.
As owner and head coach, my job is to stay on top of current fitness industry research, training techniques, programming protocols, customer service, etc. I am not talking about reading magazines, or copying what some local club is doing, I am talking about going to the source. This allows me to train our coaches so all our clients receive the same expert knowledge, care and service. To do that, I had been accepted to and attended two prestigious mentorships in CA this past 2010. The first was with Todd Durkin (yep, Aaron Rodgers off season coach) at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego the second was in Santa Clarita, CA with Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove. But why does this matter to you? Our goal is to bring to our clients the most cutting edge research so that your indoor training experience is the best is can possible be and that you receive the results you are after. Not only fun and motivating, but effective down to the minute details of scientific based training.
Therefore, in November 2010, we are so pleased to offer you Small Group and Semi-Private training membership options. These indoor sessions are yet another example of how you can achieve super results in a “non-gym” environment.
Small Group consists of a variety of session options including Total Body workouts, Metabolic workouts, Regenerative (foam rolling, soft tissue work) and in 2011 TRX and Kettlebell sessions. These memberships consists of unlimited access to our high energy small group fitness coaching sessions (10-15 clients max) with multiple sessions offered each day (M-Sat); a scientifically designed small group fitness program designed to boost your metabolism, decrease injuries, increase your strength and function better with your daily activities; and extreme motivation by your small group coaching staff.
Semi-Private options include all the great small group benefits with the addition of one to two fitness coaching sessions a week (4-8/month) working on your specific needs and goals in a semi-private session (1-3 clients per coach), an individualized program design written specifically for you (changed every 4-6 weeks), and unlimited use of the facility anytime during our business hours along with a copy of your specific program. Each semi private program starts with a comprehensive Functional Movement Screening which allows our professional program designers to create a customized workout program for your specific needs and includes your specific goals.
Wow, sounds like a lot right? Keep your eyes and ears open for more information on the above offerings AND for FREE small group sessions for you to “sample” in the near future. Our gift back to you will always be the best results in an encouraging and non judgmental environment. We truly want to be the best hour of your day!
Membership Type
Boot Camp Membership Free Camp Gift Register 1 time only Monthly Debit Bulk Discount Pre-Camp Nutrition Seminar Pre & Post – Camp Assessment
1 month at a time Yes (not included) (not included) (not included) Yes Yes
3 – Month VIP Yes (VIP Gift) Yes Yes $15 off per camp Yes Yes
12 Month Elite Yes (Elite Gift) Yes Yes 1 FREE4 week camp Yes Yes
Small Group

Small Group Coaching:

3 month memberships & 12 month memberships

Includes: Unlimited small group coaching sessions (total body, metabolic, TRX, regenerative, kettlebell) Professionally designed programming that changes regularly Motivating small group environment (10-15 person max) Sessions available morning, afternoons and evenings, as well as Saturdays Billed as debit (monthly). No need for cash or checks.
Private and Semi-Private Coaching Includes: Unlimited small group coaching sessions (total body, metabolic, TRX, regenerative, kettlebell) Individualized program written specifically for you (changes every 4-6 weeks) Motivating small group environment (10-15 person max) Sessions available morning, afternoons and evenings, as well as Saturdays Billed as debit (monthly). No need for cash or checks.
1 or 2 semi-private (1-3 clients) fitness coaching sessions a week. 4-8 monthly total. Unlimited use of the facility anytime during business hours with a copy of your fitness program

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