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September Motivational Contest Winner!

Congrats to our Monthly Motivational Contest WINNER:


“Laureen and I will be running the Lakefront Marathon this coming Sunday, 10/3.  It’s been months of training, but the day is almost here. As I have been thinking about my journey over the last 21 mos, I have MABC thank for my success!!  I recently sent thisemail to my sister and thought I would forward it to you; so you know what a difference you and MABC have made in my life!

When I think about what I am about to do, I cry – every time.  I have come so far, and worked so hard to get here.  It’s funny how little I have shared w/ you or for that matter, anyone in the family, about this journey.  You know, I started boot camp in Jan 2009, with one goal in mind; to get in shape and not have the same health struggles as Mom and Dad. Really, that was my motivation!

I remember that first week of boot camp like it was yesterday.  The pain I felt, the disappointed in how little endurance I had, it was humbling.  Each week, I continued to wake up before the crack of dawn and go; each month I felt myself get a little stronger, each quarter I watched the way my body was changing, little by little.  I ran the Sausage Race 5K in July 2009, and couldn’t even run the entire thing.  After 6 mos of camp, how could I not be in better shape?  I set my sites on the Lakefront Discovery Run in Oct 2009, a 15K!  It wasn’t a great run overall, but I finished, and ran most of it.  By Jan 2010 I could see a new body in the mirror, but wondered if I could ever be a better runner.  At that point I said “OK, if I can run the Madison 1/2 Marathon in May 2010, that will be a great accomplishment”.  How I wish Grandma Doodles was here.  She was so excited for me when I finished the Madison 1/2 marathon.  She held my medal in awe, it was the coolest thing!

Progress continued, little by little, and my neighbor said, if you can run a 1/2, why not a marathon?  “Well, because I’ve never had the desire to run a marathon”, I thought.  Since the dawn of time my motto has been, “why run when you can walk”.  But, I’ve never been in this kind of shape, so if not now, then maybe never became the reality.  So, here I am, 21 mos to the day after I started boot camp, I am going to attempt to run the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon!

I could have never done this without Matt’s support.  I believe this goal has kept us together, kept us working for something even when we have not been able to overcome other obstacles.  So, WHEN I cross that finish-line on 10/3 – I will thank God for the strength, thank Matt and the girls for their constant love and support, particularly in the past few weeks when countless morning hours where spent running instead of snuggling and making pancakes; and thank the handful of boot camp friends who continually encouraged me along the way.

So, Sunday, Oct 3rd will be an achievement of a lifetime and I’m anxiously awaiting it!!!

And she did it! Congrats to Tracey and Laureen for finishing the Lakefront Marathon! What a HUGE accomplishment. We are so proud of you both!

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