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Three Principles for Success in Your Fitness Goals

Do you need help reaching your fitness goals? On some levels, we all do. It is the rare few who can just live a completely healthy lifestyle without having to kick themselves in the butt.  For the rest of us, these are the three principles behind a successful path to your fitness goals. 


Let’s admit it. Sometimes our own personal motivation just isn’t enough to get us out the door and on our way to a workout. Sometimes we need to look up to someone to inspire us. It could be a public figure, athlete, co-worker or even your best friend. There will always be someone out there who can inspire you to work harder. Figure out who yours is. FIND THAT PERSON. Use them as your driving force towards reaching your next goal level.

Place their photo where you can see it daily or display a quote from them. Remind yourself of the reason they inspire you. Did they pull through a horrible illness, come back from a tragedy, or make a change in society? They can be intelligent, beautiful, compassionate or simply passionate about their goals in life.  Take that inspiration and channel it for your own power. Your role model would expect you to go out and live life to the fullest. Use that inspiration to drive you forward!

Motivation – Keep it Going.

The use of visualization is a powerful tool. What is your ultimate goal? To lose weight, build muscle or gain endurance? Dream it. Live it. Breathe it. TALK IT UP. Break your ultimate goal down into small goals along your path. Did you lose the weight you wanted to each week? Reward yourself with $10 in a jar.  Keep doing that until you reach your goal and then treat yourself.

Talk it up. Who is your support system? Are you telling the people in your life about your goals? Help them to visualize where you want to be as well. Try and set dates for your goals.  Perhaps you should plan a party for a goal date to motivate you. Do you want to look amazing by the time your big party comes?

In Control.

Look at those two words. Think about it. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Nobody else is driving you. When you finish reading this, get up and go do a workout if you can. Or make a healthy choice about eating. Just do it, don’t think about it — go!

You have the power to take control of your life. You have the power to change who you are. Nobody else is forcing you to be this way and everyone supports you in your goals. Be happy and in control. Your choices, your happiness, your life. Live it and enjoy.

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