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It is Time to Question Yourself About Emotional Eating.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably want to shed some excess pounds. Yet, you might find yourself caught in the cycle of emotional eating and sometimes (or oftentimes!) feel out of control. Sound familiar?  In order to regain control over your eating, and your life, take a step back and ask yourself some serious questions. This can help you stay true to yourself, your goals, and keep you moving forward.

When the urge to overeat strikes you, there are a few steps you can take before you even begin your questioning. Simple, yet effective: stop and breathe. Focus on mental discipline enough to carry you through the initial impulse to overeat.

Now ask yourself the following:

Question # 1:   Do I want immediate gratification, or long-term self-confidence?

Sometimes, you may feel helpless when confronted with the impulse to continue your self-destructive habits. The immediate relief of satisfying your urge to overeat will shadow your otherwise rational mind.  In reality, you are not a victim to your past patterns.  Tell yourself you have a choice, and at some point – perhaps today – that choice will confidently bring you just once step further towards your goal. It’s just one step.

Question # 2:   How do I want to feel one hour from now? One day from now? One year from now?

This question helps you to directly anticipate the results of choices you make. Will splurging on a supersize fast food meal make you physically feel awful within the hour? What about mentally? Do you want the next hour, day or week of your life to be contaminated with guilt and regret?  Or do you want to honor your body and feel strong and confident?  Whatever you decide, realize you are creating your future life with every decision you make today. Don’t let guilt persevere over confidence!

Question # 3:  What would I do right now if I fully loved myself and my body?

This question helps you to visualize you in the future.  You should start acting NOW as if  you are already someone who is healthy and fit.  Watch others who are healthy and fit. How does someone who totally loves his/her body act? Create the image in your mind acting and responding in the same way as that person.  Now imagine how the you (the Healthy Fit You) will handle your current urge to overeat. Close the gap from where you are today and where you want to be. It is just steps away.

Question # 4:  What do I truly want?

It can be easy to ignore what it is we truly want when we become overwhelmed by our feelings.  Remind yourself why you began this journey in the first place. Ask yourself: Do I want to lose weight, or not? Do I want to be someone who feels helpless and defeated? Or do I want to be someone who is in charge of his/her body? Do I want to eat this when I’m really not hungry? Or do I want to stop and feel confident about having the life, and the body, THAT I WANT?  How committed am I?

Have a great weekend Campers and remember to stop and breathe.  Take a moment to reflect this weekend about your bad habits and how they are jeopardizing your goals. And be oh so VERY proud of yourself for every step you take further towards your goals.

Contributor: Diane Petrella, MSW

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