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How to Distract Yourself When Cravings Call.

Ahhh cravings, a dieter’s worst enemy. And while we do not like to call your lifestyle transition to healthy eating a “diet,” we do know that many of you refer to it as such.  Cravings can be the downfall of many a well-meaning healthy lifestyle change. Here are a few tips to handling cravings when they come knocking at your door:

Distract Yourself.  It sounds simple, but as we all know, is very difficult. Gobrush your teeth, exercise, go for a walk, or put on some music and start cleaning. It is better to distract yourself with an activity rather than a sedentary activity like watching t..v. or reading, as your mind may wander to the food.

Don’t buy trigger foods.  Yes, do not buy those cookies, chips, or cake. Just don’t. If it isn’t in the house, then you can’t eat it.

Eat whole foods. We say this all the time. The less processed foods you put in your body the less your body will crave them. Period.

Journal.  If you feel out of control with your food, write it down. If you are an emotional eater, write down how you feel during those times of craving.

Give yourself time. It takes time to change old habits and form new ones. Your new habit will be to fuel your body with healthy foods.

Drink water. Seriously. We suggest a gallon a day. Try sparkling waters, or other flavors if necessary. When you push yourself to drink that much water, cravings will dissipate.

You are in control. You are the only person telling yourself what to eat. You control this. No one is telling you not to eat something, it is you who does so. Once you allow yourself to eat healthy and realize you are in control, cravings will subside a bit.

Use your treat meals. Allow yourself your treats in a controlled fashion. Know that you can eat them when you want and then save them for a time that you can savor them.

Just say no. For some of you, treating yourself doesn’t work. It is all or nothing. Therefore, during your transition time, cut out all of the treats. Just know that you can’t eat that way until you reach a maintenance point.

Try gum or mints.  We love Extra Sugar Free and Trident with Xylitol.  It can be very helpful to be chewing something during those times of cravings.

Think about these tips the next time you have a craving and good luck on your path towards a healthier, happier you.

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