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Why Use a Personal Trainer?

Many of our clients have had super success with boot camp. It is perfect for those who can ONLY do early morning workouts (say 5:30 am) or who love the daily variety that each session brings or who love the “all female” aspect of it. But boot camps usually have pretty large group sessions and what about the “guys?”. Large group is great since usually that allows a client to pay less than they would if they had to hire a personal trainer for the same super workout. But we know that there is still a large number of Milwaukeans that want more than just a 5:30 am option and large group format. And we have lots of boot campers that are ready to move into other fitness goals.

We also know that hiring a 1-on-1 personal trainer can be a great investment into your overall health and fitness. There are many factors to look for when you perform your personal training search but that is a subject for another article.

As a personal fitness coach in Milwaukee, I see many clients that are looking to lose weight and body fat, drop some inches, gain strength, and look lean and toned. While many people have similar goals, it is my job to get them to those goals in the most efficient and effective manner. For us, it has been through boot camp but we have been looking for something more to offer.

About four months ago we began implementing small group training as a beta test in our indoor facility; specifically through our Skinny Jeans Challenge. Many of our clients like to train either in the morning before work, in the afternoon around lunch or in the evenings after work. We were finding that it was tough to satisfy all of them with just boot camp.

We opened sessions up according to time of day that clients typically are able to train. Our groups consist of anywhere from 10-20 people and we train 4 days per week for 45-50 minutes. That block of time includes a full dynamic warm up and mobility work, conditioning and strength work, core training, and a cool down stretch. We rotate between total body and metabolic workouts.

So far, our clients love this way of training. We are also planning on offering semi–private sessions where only 1-3 clients are working together at one time with one coach.

Here are the top reasons for considering small group fitness coaching for those who are still undecided.

1. The smaller number of clients allows the coach to see everyone and assess technique to ensure safety

2. Clients still get personal attention

3. Clients can ask questions and the coach can talk about any issues

4. Individuals gain motivation from other group members

5. We get more done in our training sessions than in a 1 on 1 setting where a lot of time is spent talking

6. The investment into training is much more cost effective than 1-on-1 personal training but is more intimate than large group sessions

7. People have fun and gain a social element

8. There is time before and after session to talk about nutrition, hydration, and other topics that are necessary for optimal health

If you are looking to get really fit, lean and healthy we recommend looking into small group fitness coaching. Once you find a coach that you can trust and that can manage multiple individuals, you will be well on your way to a great physique. Small group coaching keeps you motivated by your peers and your trainer. We have a great time and get so much work done.

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