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Skinny Jeans Camp; Gut 2 Cut Small Group Challenge SUCCESS…AGAIN!

What do you get when you pair kick butt weighted workout sessions with metabolic stimulating cardio/body weight sessions and customized nutrition plans? Yep, you guessed it, a super effective body fat-melting, metabolism stimulating complete 8-weeks of body transformation.

We just finished our 2nd, 8-week Small Group Challenge this past August and we are in AWE of the results.  From May to June 25 Challengers lost a total of 89 inches, BUT an astonishing 149 inches was lost from July to August by 36 Challengers.  One of the successful participants had this to say…“Just by coming to my four workouts per week, pushing hard and following the prescribed meal plan (just 85%), I lost over 12 inches from my body and fit into my jeans that really were two whole sizes smaller than I what I normally wear. They would not go past my thighs before the Challenge started but easily fit and buttoned after the 8-weeks! I was TOTALLY skeptical before but am a believer now.” Another Challenger lost over 20 inches from her entire body…c’mon now, how much more successful can you get than that?

Our original goal in running this effective and fun Challenge was as a “beta test” for our upcoming Small Group training membership to our indoor facility in Glendale. We wanted to see what times of day worked best for our clients AND if we could truly run another results-oriented offering that would satisfy our clients who wanted something more than boot camp. It was so successful; the first group of Challengers wanted us to do it again, so we did. THAT was so successful that we are currently running our third and last 8-week Challenge (Sept 13-Nov 6) of 2010 before we roll out our official Small Group Schedule and 2010 membership this mid-November.

We had so many before and after photos to choose from…we just couldn’t choose BUT keep your eyes open for October’s newsletter for some great after shots of our dedicated and successful Challengers. For now, check these numbers out – they do not lie:

Our Small Group Coaching is hard to describe. Many people strength train with weights while others do cardio or aerobics – somewhere between is our small group coaching, the new concept offered at our indoor facility in November 2010. Get the benefits of both. Your body will get stronger, your cardiovascular fitness will improve and you will burn calories and watch your body change. We are so excited about offering a “new way” to exercise to the community. Remember, we were the first to bring you boot camp in February 2008 and we can’t wait to be the first to bring you this “hybrid” fitness offering.

You know that seeing is believing, but tasting is truth. So keep your eyes open for our “FREE” small group sessions. Come experience a “taste” of small group. FREE session dates and times to come.

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